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Community Sites

    The official home of Freebasic, and chock-full of resources.

  •    Freebasic Games Directory
    The definitive home of FB game programming. Maintained by Lachie Dazdarian, the FBGD is a collection of every finished Freebasic game released by the Freebasic community.

  •    Freebasic Report
    A community-driven Freebasic news portal. Great site, but not as active as it should be.

  • FreeBasic Top 50    Freebasic Top 50
    The top 50 FB websites, ranked by number of visitors and user votes.

  •    QB Express
    The leading Freebasic and QuickBasic magazine, published by Pete's QB Site.

  •    Freebasic Tracker
    A recently-launched site dedicated to "tracking" the happenings of the FB community -- by consolidating news, updates on projects and more. Run by Ryan Szrama.

  •    Freebasic Wiki at WikiComplete
    Another Freebasic wiki and tutorial site, maintained by hartnell.

Other FB Forums

  •    FB Forums at QBasic News
    The forum where Freebasic was born, back in 2004. Although the number of FB-related posts here is much lower than it once was, it is still alive and kicking.

  •    c0de forums
    An off-topic forum frequented by many members of the FB community, launched as an informal "hang out" for forum members. Its traffic slowed down significantly in 2008. This forum is operated by cha0s.

FreeBasic IDEs

FB Developer and Project Sites

  •    Syn9's Hideout
    Syn9 is one of the most creative and prolific FB programmers. The man behind games like The Griffon Legend, Prompt Critical, Zero GTR and Aphex Razor.

  •    Genso's Junkyard
    RelSoft's site, with a several FB games, apps and graphics demos.

  •    Lachie Dazdarian: The Maker of Stuff
    Home of Lachie Dazdarian's huge selection of original FB and QB games, including Barren, Poxie and many more. Formerly known as "KENTAURI."

  •    Phat Code
    Plasma's site. No longer updated but it has a large archive of QB/FB content and is a valuable resource. Plasma provides hosting for about two dozen FB sites including

  •    AAP Official Projects Squad
    Homepage of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, and his AfLib2 FB graphics library. Also host of the excelent FB GFX Demo Central:
  •    coderJeff's FreeBasic Site
    coderJeff's site is a great resource, and his Unofficial FreeBasic Manual is very helpful.

  •    Deleter's Rants
    Deleter's site, home to his many rants and tutorials about FB, as well as some of his own game projects, like Option V.

    Vincent DeCampo's site; home to his many FB remakes of classic arcade games as well as KwikGUI.

  •    Wooden Fisherman Games
    A programming group made up of Drvarek and Daniel Ribic, which in the winter of 2008, aims to release one original FB minigame every week. As of the end of Novmber, 2008, they've successfully made four games and show no signs of stopping.

  •    Necros Ihsan Nodtveidt
    Website of the FB coder who has formerly gone by Nekrophidius, Adsorken, Nodtveidt, Eponasoft and Dave Perry. Has a few FB projects including the FPS Two Lords.

  •    Cute Short Game Project
    Redcrab's website, where he publishes his FB minigames called "Cute Short Game Projects." Games include Lander, All In One, Too Much Cement, SleepWalker, Hurry Chef, Boncing Stuntman, and Mushroom Raindrop.

    Eclipzer's FB projects site. Includes several useful tutorials written by Eclipzer as well.

  •    SmithCoSoft Creations
    Website by SmithCoSoft / SSC, also called Dark Sunrise Studios. Home of an RPG called Eternal Journey. (Alternative address here.)

  •    nkk's code cache
    Nalin Kanwar's FB projects site. Home of a few games.

  •    DaBooda Gaming
    DaBooda's site, home of DBOS and a Sokoban game.

  •    Xaviorsoft Studios
    Small FB site by Leonhart.

  •    Ragnarok Games
    BadMrBox's FB site. Looks to be no longer updated. BadMrBox also has a personal website at

  •    Artemis RPG
    Development blog for an old-school RPG.

  •    N3trunn3r's Coder Hidehout
    N3trunn3r's homepage, creator of FISHi, Endless Adventures and Panda Hack.

  •    Delta Code
    Joe King's project site, with his QB and FB work. Has a few FB games in the works, including the Cat Loaf series.

  •    DrV's Site
    Small site made by DrV; has a few apps and a blog with original FB tutorials.

  •    Project Infiniverse
    An interesting FB project. Project Infiniverse "aims at creating an almost infinite procedural universe to explore in ascii (character) graphics."

  •    Gods and Idols
    An ambitious MMORPG by Jattenalle; it's a strategy game based around "intergalactical gods in their struggle for domination over the universe."

    Homepage of a group formerly known as BinaryMagic and Jo & Co Software. Has several FB game projects.

  •    Virtual Ink
    Small FB tutorials archive maintained by Rick Clark. Includes several original FB tutorials and original essays about programming.

Foreign Language Sites

  •    Freebasic-Portal
    German FB site with quite a bit of information and forums...all in German, of course.

  •    Saga-Games
    German programming group that has released several apps and games in FB.

  •    FreeBasic RUS
    Russian FB site and forum.

Sites with FB content

  •    PCopy! Magazine
    A magazine about all dialects of BASIC that sometimes includes information about Freebasic.

    A website devoted to text-only programs, run by MystikShadows and E.K. Virtanen. Includes several FB programs.

    The classic QBasic site, recently re-launched and with a new Freebasic section. Very little FB content so far, though.

  •    The GUI Blog
    A website about GUI / fake OS creation in various dialects of BASIC, including FB.

Retired FB Sites

  •    FB-World
    FB portal by Anarky, which was shut down due to lack of interest. Has links to many useful resources around the community.

  • Games List
    Before the FB Games Directory was launched, this website collected, archived and rated FB games. Has a large collection of early FB games.

  •    FreeBasic Insight
    An early FB blog / magazine that never really took off. There are still a few interesting articles here, though.

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