problems with security routines...

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problems with security routines...

Post by SebMcClouth » Wed Sep 28, 2005 2:44 pm

As you can read I'm having some problems with my security routines... Can someone take a look at it and check it out?

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' qbinux/tools/secure/secure.qs0
' Copyright (C) 2005 Sebastian McClouth
'Modification history tools/secure/secure.sq0
'15 Sep 05      Sebastian McClouth
'       1st build attempt. Code based upon the login-routine by Z!re.
'       Qbinux is currently single-tasking and single-user, so Getty supports
'       to load only one user per login.

'$INCLUDE: 'include/b4g.ql0'
'$INCLUDE: 'include/qbinux.ql0'
'$INCLUDE: 'include/handle.err'

SUB Getty
DIM ProcInfo AS ProcInfoType
'In future release 'etc/getty.cfg' will be opened here.

'Version message
'Additional information: in future release 'etc/issue' will be openend to
'show the login-message. Currently, this file doesn't exist yet. Until the
'NVXFS is inplented in Qbinux Setup this file won't exist.

'Here comes the routine that checks if 'etc/issue' exist.

PRINT McClouthLabel
GetProcInfo ProcInfo
PRINT CoreVersion + " on an " + lcase$(left$(GetVendorName$(ProcInfo.CpuVendor),1))+STRIM$(ProcInfo.CpuFamily)+"86"

CurUser = CHR$(BITS2NUM("00000000"))
't$ = WorkPath(".../etc/passwd")         'Will be created at a later time.
'AlreadyHere& = GetID(t$, 0)

'D=Delete Protected
PriPub = CHR$(BITS2NUM("001100000"))
IsSystem = CHR$(BITS2NUM("10000000"))

'MkFile ".../etc/passwd"

'open "NVXFS/"+ulist$+".nff" for append as #ff
'close #ff
'if l&= 0 and AlreadyHere& <> 0 then    'Will activate this later again.
  'color 4
  'print "Warning: There seems to be a problem with the userlist."
  'print "         You must reinstall Qbinux in order to fix this."
  'print "  This error is the direct consequence of someone deleting"
  'print "  the Qbinux userlist file, usually to try and gain access"
  'print "  to files and folders that are hidden/locked."
  'print : color 7
  'print "                Press any key to end"
'elseif l& = 0 and Already& = 0 then
  'This is for useradd, so no code needed here.
  'for a=0 to 2                 'I don't know what this is for.
        pwd$ = ""
        print "login:";: ly = CSRLIN
        print:print "Password:"
          LOCATE ly - 2, 8: PRINT dspl$;"   " 'Display storing variable
          press$ = INKEY$
          IF press$ <> "" THEN 'On press
                'Filter Backspace, subtract variable
                IF press$ = CHR$(8) AND LEN (dspl$) > 0 THEN
                        sb = LEN(dspl$)
                        Ndspl$ = MID$(dspl$, 1, (sb - 1))
                        dspl$ = Ndspl$
                'Filter Enter, Exit for checking
                ELSEIF press$ = CHR$(13) THEN
                        EXIT DO
                'Add up user input to variable
                        dspl$ = dspl$ + press$
                END IF
          END IF
        Flag = Login(dspl$, T!)
        locate ly + 2, 1
   if flag = 0 then                     'Should be able to get the flag from
     'failed login, display message, and goto enter     'login.
     print "Login incorrect"
     goto Enter
   elseif flag = 1 then
     exit sub
   end if
'end if


'Former SUB (Usr$, y%, x%, t!)
'Only username 'root' and password 'toor' are supported.
FUNCTION Login (Usr$, t!)
dspl$ = ""

  press$ = INKEY$
  IF press$ <> "" THEN
        IF press$ = CHR$(8) AND LEN (dspl$) > 0 THEN
                sb = LEN(dspl$)
                Ndspl$ = MID$(dspl$, 1, (sb - 1))
                dspl$ = Ndspl$
        ELSEIF press$ = CHR$(13) THEN
                IF Usr$ = "root" AND dspl$="toor" THEN
                        Login = 1
                        Login = 0
                END IF
                EXIT DO
                dspl$ = dspl$ + press$
         END IF
  'IF timer -t! >=.075 THEN
  '      togg = (togg + 1) MOD 2
  '      LOCATE y%-1, 12
  '      IF togg = 0 THEN PRINT "_"; ELSE PRINT " ";
  '      t! = TIMER
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