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Old game - Trappist

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:12 pm
by Kurrupted
Hey everybody,
I've been looking for an old game I used to play with a friend, called Trappist (or Trapper?). I am fairly certain it was programmed in QB, since I believe I played around six years ago, when I was pretty deep in the quickbasic business. Back then I wouldn't have known where else to get such a game.

But anyway, it was really fun. You had this little guy who ran around laying traps (there were multiple screens), and your opponent (computers had really bad AI), did the same. You activate traps by passing over a rope or invisible wire. The one trap I remember was a catapult: when you activated it, it fired, and a lot of land became contaminated about 4-5 units in front of the direction it was rigged to fire. Also, I seem to remember the game was kind of dark and gritty. Ah, man, it was really fun. :D

I've searched a few databases for the game and nothing's turned up. It's possible (though not likely) that this wasn't a QB game... And if this is the wrong place to ask, I apologize. I just really want to know if I can obtain this game somehow.