AN RPG, Tower of Fortune.

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AN RPG, Tower of Fortune.

Post by Nemesis » Sat Mar 04, 2006 12:00 am

Check out an old RPG, unfinished ofcourse... Is playable with the first quest intacked though. You can cast spells, buy and sell weapons, buy/sell supplies and magical items too. Your stats of multiple attributes and abilities are affected when you arm, or disarm your weapons, and even armor effects these stats via. armor class, encumbrance, etc...
The graphics are great, VGA 320X200X255K, and are in the first person
3-D perspective, and another view of is a 3D like - bird's eyew view.
This RPG has lots of detail, and you can even start out with a pre-made
partially equiped party, or roll your own characters, and equip them yoursel. (develop your own party with muyltiple races, and classes.)
This RPG is like an Eye of the Beholder, or Bard's Tale type genere RPG.
The thing is 10 Yrs. old but, was worked on and off again for 2yrs.
(stopped development about 8yrs. ago.) Programmed in QB4.5, and does have some midi tunes for a wide range of sound cards available.
Has a workable gui, but it can and will be simplified with a more windows type gui in the future builds. What it does have is mouse and/or keyboard type gui. To activate the players menu press space bar, and to activate the System Menu press the Esc key during game play. With mouse control to activate the Players Menu click right mouse button once, and double click right mouse button for the system's menu.
(Players Menu is used for equiping/trading weapons, or coins, etc.., also you can cast spell, or rest, and some other options that this type of RPG
is common to have available, sort of like encamping. The System Menu is to quit the game, switch controls, and turn on, off the midi music.)
The reason I never released this before was because I thought I lost it but, recently I discovered it on an old Hard Drive
Also I plan to rewrite the game with FreeBASIC and have a real 3-D engine powering the game. Also a more windows type gui, as I already mentioned, and alot of other goodies. Hopefully a complete game one day

P.s..The engine is already almost done, and development on the actual game, which will be titled Tower of Fortune 3-D, will begin within a month or two.

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Post by BDZ » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:13 pm

Hey, I know this was an old post, but I just noticed it now. I downloaded Tower of Fortune awhile ago expecting some lame app but instead found it to be really nicely done and professional. Good work! I was very impressed.

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