Qlympics 2006 Nomination Thread (UPDATED: 6/29)

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Qlympics 2006 Nomination Thread (UPDATED: 6/29)

Post by Pete » Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:50 am

It's finally here! Over the next few months, QB Express will be hosting the Qlympics 2006, where we will give recognition to all of the best work from the QuickBasic / FreeBasic community!

Check out QB Express #19 for more details.

The Qlympics 2006 will be open to *any* FreeBasic or QuickBasic program released since January 1, 2003. We have not had a community-wide awards ceremony since the 2002 Gaming Gold Awards, and it is due time for QB / FB programmers to get some recognition.


Gaming Awards

* Best of Genre Awards

(Open to both FreeBasic and QuickBasic games.)

* Technical Achievement Awards

* Character Awards

* Best FB Port of a Past QB Game
* Best QuickBasic Game
  • *All QB games nominated above are eligible*
* Best FreeBasic Game
  • *All FB games nominated above are eligible*

Non-Gaming Awards

* Best Graphics Demo (QB or FB)

* Best GUI / Fake OS (QB or FB)
* Best Library (QB or FB)

* Best Utility / Application (QB or FB)

* Best Programmer or Programming Team
  • V1ctor


    Cha0s & Josiah Tobin

    Lachie Dazdarian
    Angelo Mottola (lillo)

* Best QuickBasic Game Developer of All Time *

Awards for Written Work

* Best Tutorial or Tutorial Series

* Best QB/FB Article or Editorial
* Best QuickBasic / FreeBasic Website

This month, I need help compiling a list of all eligible programs for the 2006 Qlympics. That means EVERY QB / FB program released since January of 2003. Each entry must be accompanied by a working download link, or a link to the official site. I want the nomination list to be EXTENSIVE, and no eligible program should be left off.

How do you nominate a program / person? Just tell me their name, the name of their program (if applicable), and a link where I can find the work.

For nominations of websites / articles / tutorials (for the "written" category, just list off any article series or site that you think should be considered for the category. The same thing goes for Best Villain / Gaming Hunk / Gaming Babe, and Most Groundbreaking Program, etc.

Any questions? Post 'em below!
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Post by Pete » Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:56 am

Here is a preliminary list of nominees:

QB games from the past three years, courtesy of Lachie Dazdarian:
Lachie Dazdarian wrote:In The Nocturne, 2003
A RPG by DarkDread
Download: http://darkdreams.rpgdx.net/downloads.html

MUX, 2003
A FPS by Pieslice Productions
Download: http://www.vplanetmag.com/raview68.shtml

Robot Robbery, 2003
A platform game by KeiProductions
Download: http://www.kentauri.digitalblackie.com/ ... bbery.html

Spy For Hire, 2003
A puzzle/action game by SBM Productions and El Cheapo studios
Download: http://www.vplanetmag.com/ruview29.shtml

Squealer TNT, 2003
An action game by Marcus Kasumba(Piptol)
Download: http://piptol.qbasicnews.com/files.htm

StarQuest v.1.1, 2003
A strategy/action game by Jace Masula
Download: http://www.vplanetmag.com/roview11.shtml

TerraScape - Breakdown Velocity, 2003/2004
A 3D flight/action game by Pieslice Productions
Download: http://www.petesqbsite.com/sections/exp ... terrascape

Total Destruction Demo, 2003
A playable demo of a space shooter by Turbo Fx
Download: http://qbnz.com/pages/downloads/action/index.html

ZeroG, 2003
A 3D space ship racing game by syn9
Download: http://www.vplanetmag.com/raview70.shtml

Frantic Journey Demo, 2003
A playable demo of a space shooter by Relsoft and Adigun Azikiwe Polack
Download: http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/fj/fj(download).html

Mini Space Empires, 2003
A space strategy game by Murat Elic
Download: http://fileanchor.com/22579-d

Rocket Fuel Mayhem, 2003
A space ship duel game by Lachie Dazdarian
Download: http://kentauri.digitalblackie.com

Ball Blazing Fantasy, 2003
An action game by Lachie Dazdarian
Download: http://kentauri.digitalblackie.com

Detective Academy, 2003/2004
A puzzle game by Lachie Dazdarian
Download: http://kentauri.digitalblackie.com

Astral Worlds, 2004
A RPG/RPG maker by KDAG
Download: http://www.kentauri.digitalblackie.com/ ... orlds.html

A "hacking" game by Jace Masula
Download: http://qb45.think-new.com/projects.php

Contact, 2004
A FPS by Wallace Software
Download: http://www.freewebs.com/wallacesoftware/contact.htm

Dies Irae Remake, 2004
A RPG by Jonathan Edwards(I Am Har Har Har)
http://www.petesqbsite.com/sections/exp ... ng_a_story
Direct link: http://www.petesqbsite.com/sections/exp ... Remake.zip

Nietzsche Special Edition, 2004
A RPG by SJ Zero
Download: http://oma.qbxl.net/nietzsche/index.html

AsciiQuest Editor, 2005
ASCII RPG maker by Jace Masula
Download: http://qb45.think-new.com/asciiquest.php

Blubber Dragon ver.2.04, 2005
An action game by Draco RedScale
Download 1: http://www.qb45.com
Download 2: http://www.petesqbsite.com/downloads/arcade.shtml

Tetris 2, 2005
ASCII Tetris game by Timothy Peters
Download: http://www.ascii-world.com/gamesmain.html

Twigz Engine(plus a demo), 2004
A point&click adventure maker by Shattered Realm Productions
Download: http://shatteredrealmproductions.com/Tw ... m#Download

Completed FB games, courtesy of cirux:
cirux wrote: Another World Memory Game by Lachie / Dean Janic
ArKade by KiZ
Behold: Space Invaders by SJ Zero
Bored II by Z!re
Bounce by Kevin / (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)
Bungy the worm by lurah
CSGP: Hurry Chef by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSGP: Rain Drop by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSPG: Bouncing Stuntman by E. Devaux / Redcrab
Dark Ages by SJ Zero and Mike Hoopman
Deep Deadly Dungeons by Richard Clark
Flow Control by Mambazo
Hungry Jocke by Ryan
Poxie by Lachie / Dean Janic
Rambo Vs. Kitty Cat by SJ Zero
Red Jump Ball by Ryan
simpleFB shooter by ChangeV / Jaws-V soft
Sleep Walker by E. Devaux / Redcrab
Slide Pong by Deleter
Space Invaders by Deleter
Star Phalanx by SJ Zero
Tera by Deleter
The Griffon Legend by Syn9
The Quest For Opa Opa! by na_th_an and aetherFox
The Secret of Cooey by tunginobi and DarkDread
Visna by HienTau
More nominees coming soon. (And I'll actually sort them by category soon too...)

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Post by Pete » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:39 am

More Qlympics nominations! Get yours in soon!

I will begin compiling the master list soon, and then I'll post it in this thread.

Nominations from Optimus:

I've just read the article about qlympics awards in qb express. I want to
mention some nominees for the graphic demos category.

Name: Keftedes
Authors: Optimus (code), The Hardliner (music)

http://optimus.demoscene.gr/mystuff/dem ... ftedes.htm (Official page)
http://optimus.demoscene.gr/mystuff/dem ... _final.zip (Win32
http://optimus.demoscene.gr/mystuff/dem ... ux.tar.tar (Linux

If the above don't work (They usually do but sometimes the demoscene.gr
server is down ;P), you can still find it at

Name: Mono and Disco
Author: Relsoft
It can be also found here: http://rel.betterwebber.com/junk.php?id=1

Name: Enough
Author: Plasma

Name: Ocular
Author: Ibmland (DefHo)

If there are more, I'll let you know :)


More Nominations from Lachie Dazdarian:
Cyber Chick BETA
http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.p ... 2&start=25

SonicX (last build is number 10, right?) by J.B.

Visna's End, a rather nice space shooter.

Another World Memory for Best FB Port of a Past QB Game

Nominations from Rick Clark:
I have two other FB programs that might fit into the

Master Code Breaker. An ascii version of the
MasterMind game.
http://www.freebasic.net/forum/viewtopi ... ight=timer

AutoDocFB. A document creator and manager.

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Post by Pete » Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:50 pm

I just compiled and posted a list of the current nominees! (See first post in thread)

We're still missing TONS of programs, and a lot of categories still have received NO nominations. Please help me flesh out the list!

If you have any ideas for nominations, please post them here.

The Qlympics 2006 Nominations Ballot will come out with Issue #20, so if a program isn't nominated by the time that #20 is released, it WILL NOT be eligible for an award.

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Post by MystikShadows » Sun Apr 09, 2006 4:31 pm

in * Best QuickBasic Utility / Application:

ASCII Quest by Jace Masula

In Best GUI / Fake OS:


DOS 97 by Anders Olofsson

Costa 0.9.2 by Jacob Palm

GIMI by Sebastian Mate

VGA-3D-SCREEN 2.2 but Scysoft (Sven Ripper)
http://qbasicgui.datacomponents.net/vie ... php?id=139
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Post by Lachie Dazdarian » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:37 am

I just want to point out I'm nominating all the games I EMAILED you!

Also, I see you made sound and graphics category slim for some reason. I don't know why. Are you waiting for nominese for each category separately?

Uh, when you are asking...

Best Graphics:
Cyber Chick BETA, TerraScape, MUX, Squealer TNT, The Griffon Legend, Poxie

Best Sound Design:
Frantic Journey Demo, MUX, TerraScape, Squealer TNT, The Griffon Legend, Poxie, The Quest For Opa Opa, Blubber Dragon

And logical nominees if you ask me.

Action is a really crowdy category. Oh, it's gonna be so funny(on a sad way) when TerraScape and MUX don't get into the top 5. Then what? Maybe I should give people the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, if others are interested(extracted from my email):

For Best Gaming Hunk I have this:
The griffon knight
Wesley from Squealer TNT
The nerd from Robot Robbery
Marcos Kasomba from Evil Baron Lachie
Chief Dojoepa from Astral Worlds
Jocke from Hungry Jocke
Bungy the Worm
Valour from In the Nocturne
Jonathan from Dies Irae
Draco and Devon from Blubber Dragon
Poxie from Poxie
The hero from Visna's End

For Best Gaming Babe I only came up with Alexa Cullers from Cyber Chick and Tiffany Fireheart from Nietzsche. Alexa wouldn't be a bad choice since I doubt Cyber Chick will ever be finished so no fear of double-awarding the same game.

For Best Villain I have this:
Clinton from Cyber Chick
Vlad Dracula from In The Nocturne
Dr.Biose Sinclair from Dies Irae Remake
Evil Baron Lachie from Evil Baron Lachie
Margrave Gradius from The Griffon Knight
Visna from Visna's End
Biff from Squealer TNT(I can't reach other bosses :P)
Shade Beast(s) from Nietzsche
Lachie Dazdarian - The Maker Of Stuff

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