Welcome to the new Pete's QBASIC Site!

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Welcome to the new Pete's QBASIC Site!

Post by Pete » Mon Dec 08, 2003 8:41 pm

<p><strong>Welcome to the new Pete's QBASIC Site!</strong> -- Posted by <a href="mailto:pberg1@ithaca.edu">Pete</a> on Monday, December 8 2003<br>
Pete's QBASIC Site is back.....and currently going through huge, super, extreme renovations. When I am finished with this site, it should be pretty friggin amazing, really customizable, and very dynamic. It also won't require regular updates from me to stay updated -- the visitors will be able to add everything from links (and link reviews--which will be a new feature), file reviews, tutorials, and more!<br><br>Although the site hasn't been updated in almost three years, it will be back and better than ever!</p>

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