I got the links script working...

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I got the links script working...

Post by Pete » Fri Dec 12, 2003 4:16 pm

<p><strong>I got the links script working...</strong> -- Posted by <a href="mailto:pberg1@ithaca.edu">Pete</a> on December 12, 2003 <font size="-1">(4:16PM EST)</font><br>
Now there is a dynamic, automated link script managing all of the links in the links section, and also running the "QB Site of the Moment" box in the right column. The box is run by a little tiny PHP script that randomly picks a link out of the database and "features" it. The same thing goes for the Featured QB Command. As for the Latest Review box--I think I'll make that actually the latest review submitted to the site (as long as people actually submit reviews...we'll see after this site opens.) If we get a review every couple weeks or so, then I'll make it the latest review. Otherwise, it's gonna be a random "featured" review from the database.</p>

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