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QB Express #27

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:05 am
by Pete
[html]<p><strong>QB Express #27</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on March 9, 2008<br>
The <a href=" ... tml">March issue</a> of QB Express is here!<br><br>This month, we've got a collection of fantastic articles and tutorials that pack quite a whallop -- so watch out! This may not be the biggest QB Express issue that's ever come out, but it certainly is no slouch... with SEVEN tutorials and THREE articles, as well as one of the biggest news briefs sections we've had in a long time.<br><br>MystikShadows reviews Dabooda's game Sokoban; h4tt3n gives us the second part of his series on Spring Simulation in Freebasic; Mentat brings us "Going Deep: Football and 3D Graphics"; Hezad teaches us how to generate awesome moving plasmas using the Electric Field equation; Wallyfblu teaches us about Window Procedure; Dean Menezes brings us "CGI and QBasic"; and Kiyote Wolf helps us reinvent the Commodore Wedge. And as always, we've got all the latest news from around the QB and FB community, and much, much more.<br><br>Read it while it's hot -- <a href=" ... x.html">QB Express #27</a> truly delivers a knock-out punch! </p>[/html]

Sincere thanks to MystikShadows and Lachie Dazdarian

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:12 pm
by moneo
Thanks to Mystic and Lachie for their kind words in the latest QBE about my recent tutorial about Rounding.

It's quite a difficult subject, and I myself must admit that it can still be improved.

One of the difficulties of rounding is that most programmers have their own proprietary version of a particular rounding algorithm, and after time, these programmers become convinced that their version of the algorithm works fine. Of course, their algorithm has never been confronted by another programmer.

For years, I myself was using a variation of the Symmetric Arithmetric Method which I developed. It seemed to work fine, and no one ever confronted the method, including the Accounting Dept. "Ignorance is bliss." Years later I realized that it did not work 100%.

Thanks again, friends..... Moneo

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 12:59 pm
by ACC
Oups, just a little typo in the date... ;) (I've spend three hours last week to remember the number of this year, so I won't bother ^^)
Very cool issue anyway.