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Slow and steady wins the race

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 3:26 pm
by Pete
<p><strong>Slow and steady wins the race</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on June 21, 2004<br>
I've been working on this site regularly over the last week, and I have definitely made a LOT of progress. It's a slow process, but I'm getting the job done. My only weakness is--every time I finish a section, I come up with ten more ideas of how I can make this site even better. I'm working hard to make this site as automated and dynamic as possible, one bit at a time. When I'm finished, I should be able to leave for months at a time, and the site should still be able to update every day. That's the plan. Anyway, I'm not going to announce the reopening of this site until EVERYTHING is set up to be updated by the VISITORS. Maybe then this site will be able to return to its former glory.
<br>While I'm working, I keep on checking out the old sites that I used to visit back in the day, when I was an obsessed QB webmaster. I'm seeing a lot of broken links...tons of 'em. The QB Community has definitely shrunk...or at least rearranged in the last few years. But I'm also seeing a whole ton of awesome new sites and programs. The games that are being made these days in QuickBasic blow my friggin' mind. When I first joined the QB Online Community, the only finished QB RPG was Konrad The Warrior, and the best games were things like Spinball, Groov Buggies and Monospace. Then better games started to come at a trickle...Wetspot II. Dark Ages I: The Continents. And then even better games came, like Shadow of Power and Super Stack. That's about the time I left the QB Community. Now I'm looking at games like Ghini Run and Ped Xing's's crazy. I can't believe how much QB has changed in the past seven years. It really is amazing.
<br>Anyway, I'm gonna keep working on the site now. I just thought I'd take a break and post some news. The reopening day should be coming soon. (As long as I can get these darn scripts to work right...GRRRRRRR!)</p>