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All right, I lied...

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 8:28 pm
by Pete
<p><strong>All right, I lied...</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on July 12, 2004<br>
I didn't open the site on July 1st. Things came up. (Namely, my computer crashed and I had to reformat after a few days of downtime...a real pain in the ass, then I had to go away and produce a video for a Boy Scout Camp which took a few days, then I just kind of got lazy, heh.)
<br>So, the site is still gonna open soon. Today I added about 25 links. This actually took me a VERY long time to do, because I now write little reviews of each site, give each an honest star rating (out of five), and then each one must have an 88x31 link image. If the site doesn't have one, I make one out of the graphics on the site or by taking text off the site and saving it as a little button image. (Check out the links section to see what I mean.)
<br>Another thing I did was FINALLY make the upper right "Featured Review" box dynamic, based on all of the older reviews. I still haven't decided what I'm gonna do about making new reviews, but that can wait for a while.
<br>As for what's left to do:
<br>I need to figure out how to make the Top Ten Programs section work properly; I've got to split up the links page by star ratings rather than in order of when they were added; I'm going to figure out a member-based submitting setup instead of one that is open to the public (to prevent spammers and other lamers); I have to fix the format of the message board still so that it fits in with the layout of the rest of the site; I'm still going to do some more tweaking with the Downloads section, possibly adding the option to include a screenshot with each download; I'm going to add a webrings section again and join all of the current QB webrings; I have to do a lot of promoting of the new site around the QB Community; I have to fix up the reviews that are somehow messed up (formatting, broken images, screwed up review text, etc. -- if the information is lost, I'm going to be forced to delete the reviews); I have more tutorials to add; I think I'm going to make a new section of QB Magazine publications that just archives all of the QB magazines that have ever been released (since they really are a treasure); and I'm sure there are other things...this list is already too long as it is.
<br>But yes, I haven't disappeared again. And yes, the site WILL open soon.</p>