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V Planet! Update and Other News

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2004 9:43 am
by Pete
<p><strong>V Planet! Update and Other News</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on July 31, 2004<br>
I'll start with the biggest news: <a href="">V Planet!</a>, an affiliate and recipient of the Five Star Site Award, has done an update, adding TWO articles about this site. In fact, the entire V Planet! update was dedicated to Pete's QB Site.<br><br>The <a href="">first article</a> excitedly announces that my site has reopened, also discussing a lot of my site's history and its effect on the QB Community. The <a href="">second article</a> graciously accepts the Five Star Site Award. They are both very well-written and well-researched, something which V Planet! is famous for.<br><br>I'll make no bones about it: V Planet! is my favorite QB site these days, and the warm reception Vance, Nekrophidius and company gave me was wonderful.<br><br>Next on the agenda: I spent several hours yesterday searching around for QB Tutorials and old QB Zines (which have an untapped wealth of tutorials), which I plan to add to this site pretty soon. I have also collected a lot of FAQs to add too. I hope for this site to become your one stop shop for QB tutorials, because there are tutorials for just about anything you could ever dream of doing in QBasic...but the problem is they're hard to find. If I bring them all here, index them, and host them, people will have a much easier time learning QB or getting their questions answered.<br><br>I know I just mentioned extracting tutorials from old QB eZines, but I'm also tossing around another idea: having a QB Magazines section of this site, with archives of all of the old QB magazines. Last year, Barok (a prominent QB coder who hangs out at QBasic News a lot) compiled a large archive of many QB community magazines. He got together just about all of the ones he could find, which was quite a lot. He did a truly remarkable job with this, and I can't thank him enough for his work! You can find it at <a href=" ... br>However, his magazine archive is a really big, cumbersome file, and he has reformatted all of the zines so that they can be printed rather than read on a screen. A lot of them were reformatted in Microsoft Word so that they were printer friendly. There are also some missing magazines / issues. What I intend to do is to just host ever QB magazine I can get my hand on, and keep them online, unchanged, in their original HTML or TXT format. They will be more accessible to casual visitors that way, and a lot less of a hassle to read. I think it will be a great addition to this site and a great resource to everyone in the QB community.<br><br>Next, I'd like to point out that in the past few days, my message board has been bustling--especially in the QBasic Questions and Answers section. Several people have posted questions and several people have responded to help them, and I think it's just great. A few people have emailed me QB questions too, though I highly suggest that if you have a question to post it on the forum! (Keep in mind that I haven't programmed QB in years, so I'm very rusty and might not be able to help you, though I was able to answer Vicki's email question this morning.) I'm really glad that people have started using my message board, rather than it just sitting there empty.<br><br>Finally, TheBigBasicQ has pointed out that there may be some problems with my site's layout not displaying properly on some browsers. I have noticed this problem too. I encourage everyone to check out <a href="">this thread</a> on the QBasic News board and tell me if you've had any problems with this site's design not showing up correctly. If you have something to report, feel free to either reply to that thread on QBasic News or post something on this site's forum.<br><br>Allrighty, I'm out. Thanks for visiting, everybody, and make sure you come back! Big updates are in store!</p>