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New QuickBasic Magazine in the Works!

Post by Pete » Sun Aug 15, 2004 8:11 am

<p><strong>New QuickBasic Magazine in the Works!</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on August 15, 2004<br>
Since the only remaining QB magazines have ended as of late, I have decided to start a new QuickBasic magazine. <i>QB Cult Magazine</i> will be having its final issue sometime soon, <i>QB On Acid</i> has ended its latest run and will be merging with <i>V Planet!</i> and <i>QB Accelerator</i> has turned into an article-by-article publication. The QB Community needs a magazine, and I think I'm up to the task!
<br>You can find some of the preliminary information about this magazine at the following QBasic News threads: <a href=" ... 9">here</a> and <a href=" ... 8">here</a>.
<br>However, I can't do it without YOUR help. I am looking for all kinds of submissions to help make this a better magazine. Anything you submit will make it into this magazine. I have adopted <i>QB On Acid's</i> policy of an "open magazine" where anyone, no matter who they are, can submit stuff. Anything you want to submit, you can send to: <i>pberg1 "at"</i> -- just replace "at" with @.
<br>Here's a list of stuff I need:
<br><ul><li><b>Ideas for a title.</b> That's right, I still don't have a title. If you have ideas or want to judge ideas for titles, check out <a href=" ... t=97">this thread</a>.
<br><li><b>News</b> from around the QB community. Anything about updates to your QB site, progress on your game or utility, or other newsworthy things. I will also run screenshots. I'm especially interested in "breaking news" that hasn't been published anywhere before. If you have a big new announcement, make sure you <a href=" ... shtml">let me know</a>!
<br><li><b>Tutorials</b> on any QB or game design related topic. If you want to write a new tutorial for this magazine and need ideas, <a href="">check out this topic.</a>
<br><li><b>Rants, Raves and Editorials</b> -- is something bothering you or exciting you that you'd like to write about? Write a little article about it and send it on in!
<br><li><b>QB Community Articles</b> that discuss the history and happenenings of QB on the Internet.
<br><li><b>Program reviews</b> -- currently I have not settled on an official reviews format, so just write your review up in any format you want, whether it's long form or rated based on different categories.
<br><li><b>Letters to the editor</b> -- this is the easiest way to get your voice heard! Just drop me an email.
<br><li><b>Ideas</b> for new sections, new articles, etc. <a href=" ... l">Send</a> them on in!
<br><li><b>Anything else</b> you can think of and want to write.</ul>
<br>Remember, this will be an <b>open magazine</b>. Anything you submit will be included! Make sure you contribute stuff, using the links above or <a href="">the message board</a>.
<br>Meanwhile, I am going to be gone for the next week and will not have Internet access. Until next Friday or Saturday, you guys are on your own. But that doesn't mean updates have got to end! You can <a href=" ... ml">submit all kinds of content</a> to this site and it will be auto-updated. Most sections can be updated <i><b>instantly</b></i>, so there's no reason to hold off on the submissions until I get back!
<br>As for the magazine, the first issue will appear in about two weeks. I expect you all to submit a lot of stuff for the magazine by the time I get back. I want my inbox to be full!
<br>All right, I'm gone. See you guys in a week!</p>

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