Squares - 0.52 w/Help

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Squares - 0.52 w/Help

Post by Xerol » Fri May 13, 2005 11:15 pm

As mentioned (unexpectedly) in QB Express #9. (Frankly, I thought StarFields was more likely to get a mention than Squares.)

Anyway, here's version 0.5: http://www.lggaming.com/downloads/squares-0_5.zip

There's many new features, all of which are undocumented, because there's no documentation. Lemme go through a quick run-down of how to play:

Use the arrow keys to point your ship in a direction. Use the spacebar to "shoot" your ship in that direction. This consumes fuel, which is the big bar at the bottom of the screen. The greenish tick marks indicate how much power is needed for a shot. The goal is to destroy all the squares by running into them before time runs out. Use P to Pause and Esc to exit game mode and return to the title screen.

New in this version are three main things: Bombs, Heat Converters, and Difficulty levels. Difficulty can be set via the Options on the main screen, and Bombs can be used by pressing G for a Gravibomb and A for an AntiGravibomb. You can buy these with your points between levels, as well as purchasing extra time and more heat converters. Engine heat is the shorter green bar above the tick marks; when it turns red you can't fire your engines until they cool down.

The different difficulty levels give different starting bonuses:

Easy - 50,000 Points, 10 of each bomb, 4 heat converters, 80% Fuel
Medium - 25,000 Points, 5 of each bomb, 2 heat converters, 60% Fuel
Hard - 10,000 Points, 2 of each bomb, 1 heat converter, 40% Fuel
Insane - 5,000 Points, No bombs, 1 heat converter, 20% Fuel
Suicide - No points, No bombs, No converters, No fuel.

Fuel slowly regenerates based on how fast you're moving, and running into a square that's spinning fast can also replenish it.

I think that pretty much covers everything, but if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask; I need feedback on this so I can improve it.

Oh, and if you can get past level 5 on Suicide, you will be my hero.


Update, 15 May 2005:

Ok, ok, ok, there's in-game help now. I've also fixed some minor scoring bugs(especially one in Easy mode where the time remaining went UP). Also some minor cosmetic changes to the interface, and readme.gif is back. I'm probably going to change a lot of the text at the top of the screen into graphics(namely graphical representations of bombs) and label the bars at the bottom of the screen(I'd just need to include minifont, but this would increase the distro size). Anyway, here it is:



Update, 16 May 2005:


Did some minor tweaks to some things and some MAJOR tweaks to the entire game. Don't try anything higher than Easy difficulty unless you are comfortable with the controls.
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