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PCopy! #50 is here.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:40 am
by bungytheworm
Hi peoples.
The one and only PCopy! has reached it's 5'th issue. :)

PCopy! Issue #50 Nov 16'th 2007: Read - .zip archive.

Regular Columns:
* From Our Editing Desk (E.K.Virtanen)
* Submitting to PCOPY! (Stephane Richard & E.K.Virtanen)
* Letters To The Editors (Mixed Contributors)
* Letters To The Hartnell (Mixed Contributors)
* In The News (Mixed Contributors)
* Exit Issue (E.K.Virtanen)

* About PCopy! (E.K.Virtanen)
*The mindset problem (Bill Williams)
* Interview with Eros Olmi (E.K.Virtanen)

Reviews & Presentations:
* VIXEN: An XBLITE GUI Generator (Guy (gl) Lonn?)
* Introducing Fatal Method Games (FMG)
* More about smallBasic (Chris Warren-Smith)
* 3D graphics in thinBASIC: (Petr Schreiber)

Tutorials & HowTo's:
* Coding Functions: (Guy (gl) Lonn?)