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is it ok to post qb64 code?

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:59 pm
by iamdenteddisk
I am a lifer as far as QB goes but I am wondering if it is acceptable practice to post qb64 code here or is petesQB site dedicated to dos basic and 4.5 only?

though I lost now all reason to go to the qb64 home forums when the general discussion was eradicated there, I do still use an SDL version for its advantages over 4.5..

is it ok to post qb64 code here?

is there some special section where it is permitted?

if so, you can count on my regular patronage so long as there is also a general discussion for idea development and steam venting..

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:54 pm
by burger2227
Sure! Post it in the QB Forum. It may help get some more business here.

You can rant all you want here, just don't post commercial links. I see OldDos is trying to catch up to me on attendance. Truthfully all there is there now is people waiting for the next release.

I'm not very happy with the way things are developing there either. Galleon went from smaller EXE to full blown GL and now he has a ton of stuff he has to do all at once to catch up. I'll never use GL anyhow probably.

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:59 pm
by iamdenteddisk
that is good news, to have a place to continue what I started with qb64 good news indeed..

I feel it is important though that I explain, though I had a issue with the direction change of qb64, there is no reason to add grief to Galleone's choice in going that way. we simply wanted different things from QB64. I wanted a better less limited QB "basic". I think he wants it to be a C competitor for the OOP and Android market.

I got what I wanted with the last SDL version. for that I am very thankful. I wish him my full blessing on getting his wish also.

I do think it is a shame to lose the community like that, simply because it didn't fully jive with his plan as we tarried together for something close to 5-6 years hashing out issues and sharing Ideas and experimenting. something I truly miss and hope to find here. I see many of the Gang is present and that is reason to celebrate.

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:19 am
by burger2227
I've noticed that Steve McNeil has been missing a lot lately. He used to be there all day! I guess he really did get miffed about the removal of the forums too. Galleon is seldom there to begin with so he does not notice such things. He could have asked us to tone it down before he had to resort to that.

DSman has also been harassing me by always agreeing with Galleon on everything. I pose such questions for Galleon's input, not his. Once something is added to QB64 it seldom gets changed later so I have to talk fast!

I have updated the forum names to reflect this temporarily. Perhaps another Forum can be created if it works out well.
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It should say:
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PS: I've noticed a difference in the old QB64 download! I put it in my Drop Box Folder and there is a 3.910K difference in size. Dates are different to: 2/21/2013 and 3/22/2013

He must be updating it! I've updated my signature here to goto WIKI instead.

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:31 pm
by iamdenteddisk
yeah, I noticed that as well. I know the license changed but there was a code change as well. the whole GL project has went full on to Android development and pretty much everybody now patroning are android hopefuls,annons and galleone worshipers..

that whole issue really upset me to no end but what can you do?
I was concerned it might cause my SDL version to stop working so I turned off updates/blocked connection for that reason

I don't know if you caught on to all of the drama about "faulty towers" innuendo. it was about the tower of babel. being prideful, boasting. "the fall of a prideful man". something I didn't want to continue to watch myself. so I wondered if it was blackmail hacker was holding over him to alienate us all "the founders"..

see it started from a comment by hacker, when he was making his threats
then I said something in defense of the forum and other members. and G logged on just after, while I was away to dinner. insinuated I was trash to be taken out. and in that post he made a comment in that same post something about "after the hotel". which I had no idea what that meant.

I knew he had jumped conclusion that I was the problem instead of hacker which was strange considering time spent versus the new kid with his continual vile spew . so I stopped going there for a month or so till I got some email from olddos and some others inviting me to come back.

I was hesitant considering there was no recognition of the error or appology from G but something olddos said really opened my eyes..

in the begining it was me who posted here at petes and almost every site including Dav's on the web soliciting help to make a new less limited basic and then all of us who hashed it out. when I got in communication with Dav about it he knew a aussie C programmer Galleone, who was up to the task. I then provided him with the original 1.1 source files which has been kept quiet and only a few of us even knew about.

but once we got everyone onboard, in truth it was a community project not a one man show for one mans credit. though now it has turned into that.

I got what I wanted in the last SDL version including a free use license. so I got no complaint other than the loss of long time friends and our nightly conversations and there help on development of ideas and answers to tough questions.

I knew what I wanted and pushed like we all did to get it, knowing I was not good enough in C to do it by my self. I had no choice but solicit outsiders and in hindsight glad I did, as it brought many of you guy's into my life I am thankful for, that I wouldn't have met any other way.

I am glad to see you and kiyote wolf hitting it off well on here now, if he remembers me at all and our first conversations back in 2001 or so he could atest to most of this as he was the first I came to with the idea. Dav was second.

I posted of it here about that time to so I am guessing that post and conversations it spurred might be where we gained a clippy IDK how it all worked out. but you fatman and the rest of us deserve the real credit.

we hashed out the plan targeted flaws and improvised fixes, I provided the original 1.1 source. so really he just painted by numbers and took full credit then control. I don't care about credit myself but I wish that he would give it where it's due and not soak it all up like he did it all, as that we all know, was not the case.

that is my version of the truth and I would stand by it in hell if need be.

see I think it was destined that I had to be separated from the project eventually because of that one issue and I really think he used the clash between me and hacker as a trigger to finally remove the one who could prove he had the source prior to first release, whether he used it or not. and looking back every time he spoke to me he referenced it as if that was what he was thinking, I just didn't catch it till now.

I didn't force or anonymously email it, I found it nested in a warez website and told him about it being available to which he requested I email it to a email account he setup just to get it. then came the hush,hush BS. that I didn't understand either as it was open to the world online so I didn't see no big deal about anyone seeing it..

I shared freely, what I found freely, including source code, experience,help and time.. if he did the same with credit/blame, he would have no reason to fear legal recourse over the 1.1 source, nor would he lose the support and friends, we all started out being.

but he makes the decisions himself, "his project" and states "he's alright with the decisions he's made."

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:38 am
by burger2227
Are you banned?

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:04 am
by iamdenteddisk
No not banned, never was. just now have no reason to be there.
first God was banned as a topic of discussion in any form, then discussion it's self was banned with the extermination of the real community when general discussion was removed.

now I got the SDL version and the offline wiki, had both for the last year. the only reasons I've really had to go there since was the general discussion with friends, sharing code and a chance to tell a friend about God if they needed it.

my not being there is more of a matter of being offended by the fact that we all contributed but had no vote or choice in those changes. that being besides the fact of being called trash a while back.

I am guessing now I have spoken my mind on it publicly, I may no longer have an account there. which wouldn't surprise me, that is kinda how things are done there recently.

I know his real achievement was to translate what the community explicitly wanted into C, having a template of that in C. which is where the community then donated fixes and work around, patches. if it wheren't for fatmans ASM, stylins'/darth's patches and the rest there would have been no QB64.

now they dance around like kreshna's, hurling praise at a pagan god. who in my view done nothing more than take credit for their work.

it's egregious, enough to make me puke.
to me, that's like worshiping king james for translating the bible even though scribes did the work.

I tried going there and read all the new post but when it was time to reply the only key's that would work was (????). so I just give up on it.

hadn't even tried to code since, till I came here and seen you was still active here..

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:43 pm
by burger2227
I'd like to see INTERRUPT and Absolute finished. Emulating Qbasic was the whole idea wasn't it? I don't mind the new additions, but they are on Galleon's schedule too. Perhaps Michael would like to finish them.

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:58 pm
by iamdenteddisk
yeah, it would have been nice to have the SDL version finished, complete with absolute interrupts. that I think was the clincher for me to.

after all the time spent and BS, I am still looking for a new less limited version of basic "that is complete". anyone up for a group project?

I am glad he isn't a brake mechanic lol..

do the brakes on three wheels and then go wash the car, what can we expect to happen?

almost there but it's time to start a new project! bah ha ha ha ha..

my old man taught me long ago even if you climb a mountain for day's you can't say your a mountain climber till you stood on the top. sure things sparkle and draw away your attention but being a man is about winning the battle not just proving you tried. "Temperance"!