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Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:40 pm
by burger2227
Laptop folders lose program and picture icons 4 days after update:

The sorting progress bar seems to stop in the middle of the X after 10 MINUTES WAITING
After a reboot, folders appeared to work normally...more later...

Bluetooth mouse quit working... had to remove and reinstall

Windows 10 'servicing stack' update KB4013418 cripples some PCs
Some users have reported that one of this week's Windows 10 updates crippled their PCs, according to a thread on Reddit.

They fingered the KB4013418 update as the most likely culprit. That update was marked simply as "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607" in Windows Update, and in the accompanying support document, tagged as a "servicing stack update."

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:45 pm
by burger2227
How to use Process Explorer, Microsoft's free, supercharged Task Manager download
Process Explorer isn’t just a supercharged version of Task Manager with more insight and control over your system’s processes. It also includes the ability to sniff out viruses and identify when programs are clinging to software you want to delete.

Part of the Sysinternals suite of Windows tools (formerly “Winternals”), Process Explorer can be downloaded from TechNet a la carte or as part of the entire suite. If you plan on completely replacing the Task Manager with Process Explorer—and eventually you probably will—you should get the whole suite. More on that later. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Process Explorer.
'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court
Microsoft doesn't think much of the lawsuit. "The Windows 10 free upgrade program was a choice designed to help people take advantage of the most secure, and most productive Windows," a Microsoft spokesperson said in an email to The Register. "Customers had the option not to upgrade to Windows 10. If a customer who upgraded during the one year program needed help with the upgrade experience, we had numerous options including free customer support and 31-days to roll back to their old operating system. We believe the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit."
Microsoft does not give away anything without a customer paying a price!

Microsoft paces delivery of Windows 10 Creators Update
f Microsoft orchestrates next month's Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade as it did 2016's mid-year Anniversary Update refresh, it will take about three months for the latest version to reach most eligible devices.

According to advertising network AdDuplex, 60 days after the Aug. 2, 2016, introduction of Windows 10 1607 -- aka Anniversary Update -- just 35% of measured Windows 10 PCs were running the upgrade. By the 90-day mark, however, that number had soared to 80%, showing that Microsoft, after a purposefully slow start, had stomped on the update accelerator.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:49 am
by burger2227
Microsoft lets you download the Windows 10 Creators Update a little early
If you’re looking to upgrade early and feel comfortable downloading an ISO file then you can simply mount the file in Windows 10’s File Explorer and run the setup.exe to get the latest Creators Update. More experienced Windows users will also be able to use the ISO file to clean install Windows 10 Creators Update.
The Windows 10 Creators Update's best new features: Privacy tweaks, Paint 3D, and more

Windows 10 Creators Update review:
Microsoft announced Wednesday morning that this free upgrade will begin rolling out to existing users as soon as April 11. New users will need to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home or $200 for Windows 10 Pro—remember, Windows 10 itself is no longer free. Insiders already have the Creators Update, as the company also confirmed Wednesday, and we used the Insider build to write this review.

It’s worth the upgrade. The Creators Update adds numerous new capabilities that Windows previously lacked. Check out Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC gaming. Try the new, creative twists on Windows Ink (no stylus required—a mouse or touchpad will do), including the ability to write on videos (yes, videos) and maps. Take a second look at Microsoft’s Swiss Army knife, its Edge browser, which now offers 4K Netflix, ebooks, and more. Even Cortana has learned new tricks.
What Microsoft failed to deliver in the Windows 10 Creators Update
Missing: Capture 3D, 3D PowerPoint, HoloTour

Bet those features beat up on older video drivers...

Impatient Windows 10 users can download Creators Update April 5
Microsoft today said that Windows 10 users eager for the next feature upgrade may download it manually starting Wednesday, April 5, nearly a week before the refresh begins reaching PCs via Windows Update.

Windows 10 Creators Update -- Microsoft's name for the first of two upgrades in 2017 -- will launch on April 11, when the installation file will be staged on Windows Update and offered to a select group of users. To jump the Windows Update line, people will need to run the Upgrade Assistant, an app that will be available before April 5 on Microsoft's website.
Fix Windows 10 problems with these free Microsoft tools

The Start menu troubleshooter appears to have fixed problems with clicking the
Start button on my laptop even though it found no problems. Requires a reboot.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:20 pm
by burger2227
Facebook and Messenger apps no longer work on Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 1511 (Direct 3D video driver) I will EVER buy another Windows Phone to get screwed on?

This does not bode well for the Windows 10 Creators Upgrade on the laptop either...

Hands-on with the Windows 10 Creators Update for the Xbox One
The first platform to officially receive Microsoft’s new operating system is actually the Xbox One, with an updated UI complementing a new matchmaking tool and Beam game streaming.

The Windows 10 Creators Update began rolling out Wednesday to both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. It’s less dramatic than the changes introduced to Windows 10, yet still noticeably changes the way users interact with the console.

In addition to the new UI and Beam, Microsoft also plans to add Arenas—a way for players to organize their own tournaments and other competitions—to the Clubs and Looking for Group features it added in the fall. Arenas, however, did not ship with the Creators Update.

Under the hood, other improvements like Narrator and the ability to limit screen time have been added. Managing screen time is done via a separate website,; if you have a Windows 10 PC, it’s part of the new Windows Defender Security Center options rolling out with the Creators Update on April 11. Windows Sonic, a spatializer effect also found in the PC update, is live as well. Bitstream passthrough for Dolby Atmos will go live next week, Microsoft said.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:12 pm
by burger2227
Tested: Windows 10's Game Mode makes unplayable games playable—sometimes
To activate Game Mode, open your game, then press Windows key + G to bring up the Windows 10 Game Bar. Click the Settings cog on the right side of the bar to bring up a bunch of options. Check the box next to Use Game Mode for this game near the top. Once you’ve done so, simply close the dialog box and Game Bar to get going. There’s no need to restart your game for Game Mode to take effect, though you do need to manually enable the feature for each and every game you want to use it with.

Microsoft downplayed the feature’s effect on raw frame rates when it revealed how Game Mode works, telling reviewers to expect a 2- to 5-percent performance increase. This is a shifting of Windows resources, not a miracle. Early Game Mode testing by PC Gamer, PCGamesN, and Laptop Mag on gaming-focused systems saw little to no performance increase. Heck, PC Gamer saw a sizable performance decrease in Hitman with Game Mode enabled.
AMC viewing app no longer works on Windows 10 1511...

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:11 am
by burger2227
Microsoft Edge: 5 key improvements with the Creators Update
Edge is still catching up to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but the browser now offers a few welcome new additions, as well as one significant change that can’t be beat on Windows 10, at least not yet. Here are the five key improvements you should check out.

1. Tab organization
2. Read ebooks in the browser
3. Import bookmarks
4. Translate extension
5. Streaming Netflix in 4K

Other changes include click-to-run Flash by default, a full 25 extensions in the Windows Store, and support for InPrivate windows in the Edge jump list (which was almost non-existent in the Anniversary Update). Edge still has some work to do, but with the Creators Update it took a big step toward becoming a browser you’d actually want to use on a daily basis.
Windows 10 privacy settings: What's new in the Creators Update
In previous versions of Windows 10, managing privacy was, to put it mildly, an insane process. Settings were strewn all over the operating system and the web.

Privacy isn't much better in the recently released Creators Update, but Microsoft has consolidated its web-based privacy information related to a user's Microsoft Account. In addition, privacy settings on the PC are a little more helpful.
Top 30 free apps for Windows 10
Handy tool for bad patches: Wushowhide
Incremental backup: File History
Tip-top zipper upper: 7-Zip
Bring back deleted files with Recuva
The other best system admin tool: Process Explorer
Double-check for infections with Malwarebytes
Free online storage with Dropbox
Free Office productivity with Office Online
Get to your music, videos, and photos anywhere with Plex Media Server
Rip and burn CDs and DVDs with HandBrake
How to enable Windows Sonic virtual surround sound in the Windows 10 Creators Update
The Creators Update includes a feature called Windows Sonic for Headphones. It's a spatial sound format that is supposed to make audio more immersive and give even the most bland pair of headphones a more 3D Audio feel.

It appears developers have to enable this feature via some new APIs from Microsoft. To be honest, in my tests with a cheap pair of smartphone earbuds and then a pair of desktop speakers I didn't hear a difference. Both were routed through the headphone jack; perhaps a nicer pair of headphones would've made a noticeable difference.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:01 am
by burger2227
Laptop reliability is abysmal, mostly due to Garmin Updater stopping...
Selected date was the most recent update. I manually removed the Garmin Express app.

Same problem with Windows 7 to 10 desktop:
Possible fix is to copy the "Newtonsoft.Json.dll" file to the Garmin\Express SelfUpdater folder

The Newtonsoft.Json.dll file is also in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Express folder... JASON INDEED

So far there was no error since the 26th of April after I copied the DLL file to the folder...

Just re-stalled Garmin Express on laptop and the Newtonsoft.Json.dll file is in both folders now!

Redstone 3 coming in September, as Microsoft aligns Windows 10 and Office 365 updates
Microsoft today announced its intention to align the release schedules for feature updates to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. In doing so, the company confirmed that the next Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 3, is targeted for September, 2017.

The firm also said that it's "committing to a predictable twice-per-year feature release schedule"; however, this statement leaves a bit of room for interpretation. 2016 only saw one feature update, which was the Anniversary Update, but Microsoft has still been offering two for every fiscal year, which actually starts in July.

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review:
With so few features, for so few phones, one wonders what the point is.
In the end, though, you have to wonder whether it matters. Windows 10 Mobile is in limbo, struggling for relevance even within the most devoted Windows communities. Microsoft’s most recent mobile hardware announcement involved an Android phone, of all things. Recent Insider builds have been moved off of the development track used by the PC, into their own “feature2” track. Microsoft still says it’s committed to Windows Mobile. But without any evidence to justify the claim, most users basically wrote off Windows 10 Mobile long ago.
Windows Phone sales may stop as soon as June...

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 1:59 pm
by burger2227
Possible Garmin Express stopped working fix in previous post! Will follow up with results later...

So far there was no error since the 26th of April after I copied the DLL file to the folder...

12 free utilities that can give you more control over your Windows PC
Belarc Advisorand HWInfo for information about your PC.
Prime95 and MemTest86+ are stress-testing utilities.
Recuva can restore deleted material from all kinds of local drives, including USB memory sticks, memory cards, and regular drives.
Autoruns will tell you, down to the individual DLL level, every single thing that loads on top of Windows when you start your computer.
Process Explorer and Process Manager
BitMeter OS gives you real-time bandwidth analysis and Wireshark is a network protocol monitor.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:05 pm
by burger2227
Microsoft recommends you don't install the Windows 10 Creators Update EARLY
Today, in a post on the Windows blog, John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, says much the same thing, and recommends that users don’t manually install the Creators Update, but rather wait until it’s automatically offered. But why? Because the update is causing problems for users.

The first phase of the rollout targeted newer devices -- those most likely to be able to run the OS update with the minimum of problems -- and Microsoft is using the feedback from that first batch of updated systems to decide when to begin the next phase of the rollout.

How to find the Windows 10 Creators Update's hidden desktop themes
To get started with Windows Store themes, open the Settings app by clicking on Start and selecting the cog icon in the lower left corner of the menu. Once the app opens, go to Personalization > Themes. Scroll down a bit in that screen and under the sub-heading "Apply a theme," click the link labeled Get more themes in the Store.

Enterprises can blow by an upgrade ... if they're willing to hotfoot it to the next version
Corporate users of Windows 10 may have as little as two months to deploy a feature upgrade after passing on the one prior. Only if IT administrators are willing to roll out a consumer-quality version -- one that Microsoft has not yet given the approved-for-business green light -- will they have up to six months to upgrade employees' PCs.

Those limitations come from Microsoft's latest pledge to support any given Windows 10 feature upgrade for 18 months, and the company's long-standing timeline on how it moves each upgrade from development to release, first to consumers and then to commercial customers.
Windows Defender Security Center, your PC's safety belt in the Creators Update
Microsoft made some much needed changes to Windows Defender with the Creators Update. The built-in anti-virus app is renamed the Windows Defender Security Center, and as that name suggests, it's a more fleshed-out security suite.

It's not that Windows Defender has any new features. What Microsoft has done for the most part is bring together a number of security settings in Windows 10 that were scattered throughout the system.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 8:36 pm
by burger2227
Windows 7 to 10 desktop WIFI quit working on some Chrome tabs. Troubleshooter found nothing
Reboots left a blank sign in screen twice. Windows then asked to REPAIR or reboot again. OK after reboot...

Still waiting on Creator's Upgrade...

Microsoft takes on Chrome OS with Windows S, announces Surface Laptop
Microsoft has launched a new, stripped down version of Windows that aims to take on Google and Apple in the education market. Dubbed Windows S, it’s meant to be cheaper and less resource intensive than Windows 10 Home or Pro by having fewer programs running in the background, while being easier to manage and secure since you can only install apps from Microsoft's Windows Store.

The latter might come as a disappointment seeing as the lack of traditional desktop software is arguably one of the main reasons Windows RT — a lightweight, mobile-friendly variant of Windows 8 — failed. Then again the Windows Store has gotten better since, and Microsoft is specifically aiming this at managed environments like the education market, where Chrome OS is thriving with similar limitations.

Windows 10 S runs on the full range of Windows 10 hardware, including high-end models like the Surface Book, although it is primarily intended for use with inexpensive, low-end hardware.
First email offer from M$ offers one Windows Surface 10 S for $999... not gonna cut it...

Meet the Latitude 11 EDU, Dell's Windows 10 S answer to the Chromebook
Dell’s Latitude 11 EDU 360 3189 is one of the sturdy, affordable Windows 10 S laptops joining Microsoft’s campaign to nudge Chromebooks out of the classroom. You don’t have to be a student or a parent to understand the software giant’s desire to nurture a new generation of Windows users. When we tried it at Microsoft’s education-focused event May 2 in New York, we could see how it might have a fighting chance.

The $299 Latitude 11 EDU has company: Other hardware partners include HP, Samsung, Toshiba, and Acer.
Windows 10 S won't let you change the default browser or switch to Google search
Microsoft introduced its Chrome OS competitor, Windows 10 S, at a special event in New York City today. The software maker was quick to reveal only Windows Store apps will run on Windows 10 S, and Windows chief Terry Myerson even revealed the new OS “will run any browser in the Windows Store.” While it’s true Windows 10 S can run any browser from the Store, Microsoft is restricting users from altering the default browser on this new OS.

In a FAQ for Windows 10 S, Microsoft admits “you are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default if, for example, you open an .htm file.” This means if you click a link from another app, or open a link from an email then you’ll be thrown into Microsoft Edge, even if you wanted to use another browser. It’s not clear if Google will even bring Chrome to the Windows Store, but if it does then it might be a pointless venture as it won’t be fully functional without being the default browser on Windows 10 S.

Likewise, Microsoft is also crippling its own Edge browser. The default search provider in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in Windows 10 S cannot be changed. Bing will be the default, and Microsoft is preventing users from switching to Google or other search providers for some unknown reason. This isn't the type of choice Windows users are typically used to, and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft is willing to alter this based on feedback from Windows 10 S users.
Microsoft thinks the smartphone is 'already dead'
"The phone is already dead," Bloomberg reports Kipman said. "People just haven't realized."
The report comes only a few days after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made similar hints that something revolutionary is coming. In an interview with MarketPlace this week, Nadella explained that Microsoft will continue to build phones "but they may not look like phones that are there today."
Windows warning: Hackers hijacked software updater with in-memory malware
Microsoft is warning software vendors to protect their updater processes after discovering a "well-planned, finely orchestrated" attack that hijacked an unnamed editing tool's software supply chain.

As Microsoft's threat response group explains, the attackers used the update mechanism of a popular but unnamed piece of editing software to gain a foothold in several high-profile technology and financial organizations. The software vendor itself was also under attack, it says.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 7:15 am
by burger2227
How to use your Windows 10 PC as a mobile hotspot
Open the Settings app (click Start and choose the settings cog icon in the lower-left corner), and go to Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot.

On this screen, there’s an on/off slider at the top to activate the mobile hotspot feature. Below that is a drop-down menu labeled Share my Internet Connection. Here you can choose which internet connection from your PC to use. If you had a Wi-Fi and ethernet connection, for example, you could choose whichever you prefer.

Below that setting is the all-important network name, which is the router name everyone will see when they search for nearby Wi-Fi connections. Next is the password. Windows automatically generates a network name and password. If you’d like to change either or both of these options click the Edit button.

One last setting for anyone whose PC has Bluetooth. There’s a feature that lets another device turn on the mobile hotspot feature remotely if both devices are paired. This is on by default.

Microsoft is testing a malware-proof Edge browser
Microsoft is in the testing stage of a new feature in its Edge browser for Windows 10 that is malware-proof as it partitions the browser window from the rest of the computer. This will be a welcome addition for users who are worried about the legitimacy of sites they want to visit.

The new feature, catchily dubbed Windows Defender Application Guard, is part of the recently launched Windows Insider Previews. In order to access it you'll need to be a member of Microsoft’s business service Enterprise, and have your settings calibrated so you're in the testing group called Fast Ring.

Application Guard works by creating a virtual PC that is entirely separate from all storage, other apps, and the Windows 10 Kernel, meaning that the browser should be completely impervious to malware.
Windows 7 to 10 desktop now warns that it will Restart for an update with an orange box

Microsoft reveals new Windows 10 features coming in Fall Creators Update
Timeline - a way to scroll through a time-based representation of what you've been doing and "hop back".
Pick Up Where You Left Off - Cortana can help you keep track of what you're working on and offer to resume
Clipboard - This venerable Windows feature will work across devices.
OneDrive Files On-Demand - able to open File Explorer and see a full representation of all files.
Windows Defender Application Guard - isolates potentially dangerous web content in containers that can't interact with the rest of the PC or network.

In other app news, Microsoft dropped a bombshell with the announcement that iTunes will be coming to the Windows Store this summer, as a converted desktop app, making it possible to run iTunes on all Windows 10 editions, including Windows 10 S. Other new entries in the Store include Autodesk Sketchbook and SAP Digital Boardroom.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 6:23 am
by burger2227
Bug in Microsoft Edge causes PDFs to print incorrectly

Windows 10: The best tricks, tips, and tweaks slide show

Microsoft says iOS and Android support doesn’t mean Windows Phone is dead
With the significantly higher number of users on iOS and Android compared to Windows 10 Mobile, it’s understandable that Microsoft would want to offer their services and products to those using those ecosystems. This often frustrates Windows phone users though as it can appear that Microsoft favors offering support for other companies’ mobile devices over their own. And for the most part, recently anyway, this has been fairly true.
M$ should add IOS and Android App support to Windows 10 for crying out loud!

My Windows 8.1 Phone is becoming more useless every day as apps stop working too...

Microsoft does enterprise no favors when it won't explain Windows 10's schedule

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 5:40 pm
by burger2227
Laptop Update of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 - May 2017 (KB890830) downloads, but refuses to install...keeps downloading it over and over. Finally installed.

After a while Update says everything is up to date but when run, MSRT says it is from April.

The MRT application can be found in Windows 10 in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

After running MRT a while, it showed 129 infections and ran over 15 hours! Results said no infections...

How to take screenshots in Windows 10 ...or any supported version of Windows, really.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:08 pm
by burger2227
Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds
Microsoft says it quickly reverted the issue and put blocks in place to ensure these development builds didn’t reach more people, but a “small portion” of Windows 10 users still received them. Worryingly, the accidental mobile build even reached retail devices outside of Microsoft’s Windows Insiders testing. If Windows 10 testers installed the mobile build it forced phones into a reboot loop and bricked the device. Testers will have to recover and wipe the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool.
Microsoft set to drop support for Silverlight classic Windows Phone apps
It is very likely current Windows Phone devices will continue to be able to use Silverlight apps once this new version of Windows 10 Mobile is released, although that is yet to be confirmed.

A lot of the apps built for Windows Phone are Silverlight apps, even though they don’t get updated frequently. One of the most popular Silverlight apps is, of course, Facebook’s WhatsApp and Microsoft dropping support for Silverlight apps will effectively make WhatsApp unusable on the future version of Windows 10 Mobile unless Facebook releases a new Universal Windows Platform app for the service.

Dropping Silverlight support is technically a good thing for the future of Windows 10 on mobile devices, especially since Silverlight is quite old at this point of time.

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:47 am
by burger2227
Microsoft promises equal performance for PC & Xbox games
Microsoft had a massive presence at this year's E3 PC Gaming Show, where they showed off titles like Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Sea of Thieves, and more. Right after the show, Tom's Guide sat down with Kevin Unangst, senior director for PC gaming at Xbox, to talk about Xbox's goals for making the gaming experience more consistent across both the Xbox and PC platforms.

The company says two of its upcoming titles, Sea of Thieves and Forza, are not simply being developed as ports for Windows 10, rather both the Xbox and PC versions are being developed in parallel, with the end goal being identical functionality and performance across the board. Whether Microsoft can pull this off or not remains to be seen.
Hands-on with Microsoft's Xbox One X: A powerful 4K console in a very tiny box

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:56 am
by burger2227
Finally Microsoft downloaded and installed Windows Creators Upgrade:








The new Calendar App allows you to add your favorite sports team schedules:
Simply moving the mouse pointer to the orange notification gives full opponent information and time.
Unfortunately there is still no way to add Facebook Birthday notifications...




Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:05 pm
by burger2227
Then the shit hits the fan! Control Panel Start menu shortcut is GONE!

Belarc Advisor shows 4 security problems with links to none of them directly:
Microsoft security update (KB4022730) link says to clear my cookies for some ass reason...
Java gives you a bunch of crap info w/o links!
Adobe Flash updates never see that CHROME is closed then remove the installers...

Then Windows Update says updates are downloading at 0% for hours...

Finally used CCleaner to close Chrome until I UNINSTALLED Adobe Flash Player
Even Internet Explorer tells me that I don't need to install it anyhow as now it is done by M$ internally.

Fixed all Flash problems installing Microsoft security update (KB4022730) after removing Chrome cookies with CCleaner

Now if I could only get rid of Java! Control Panel Java Updater does not help!

You can use the GOD MODE shortcut for Control Panel if you already made one. Too bad if you did not.

After a reboot downloaded 2017-06 Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4022405)

The 11 most intriguing Fall Creators Update features in Windows 10 Build 16215

Xbox One X PC Build: Can you do it for $500?

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:24 pm
by burger2227
Microsoft defends Windows 10 Defender against Kaspersky complaints
Microsoft said they believed in “always on” protection and noted that they allowed antivirus companies to notify users multiple times when their subscription was due to expire, but when the user consciously allowed it to lapse their priority was to ensure the safety of a user and their PC, which meant automatically activating Windows Defender.
How to remove malware from your Windows PC
Sadly, Microsoft has turned the process of booting into safe mode from a relatively easy process in Windows 7 and Windows 8 to one that is decidedly more complicated in Windows 10.

To boot into Windows Safe Mode, first click the Start Button in Windows 10 and select the Power button as if you were going to reboot, but don’t click anything. Next hold down the Shift key and click Reboot. When the full-screen menu appears, select Troubleshooting, then Advanced Options, then Startup Settings. On the next window click the Restart button and wait for the next screen to appear (just stick with us here, we know this is long). Next you will see a menu with numbered startup options; select number 4, which is Safe Mode. Note that if you want to connect to any online scanners you’ll need to select option 5, which is Safe Mode with Networking.
Windows 10 S security brought down by, of course, Word macros
But as ZDNet reports, Microsoft has enabled other programming environments. Specifically, the version of Office that's available through the Store supports Office macros. Office macros have full access to the Windows API, and Office macros are routinely used to attack Windows machines. There are some minor safeguards to prevent the use of macros—files downloaded from the Internet have to be marked as safe in Explorer before their embedded macros can run—but ultimately, the full programmatic capability is there.

This makes blocking PowerShell and the command prompt a little peculiar. Why is one programmatic environment permitted but another prohibited?

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:35 am
by burger2227
Microsoft bringing EMET back as a built-in part of Windows 10
The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will include EMET-like capabilities managed through a new feature called Windows Defender Exploit Guard.

With Windows 10, however, EMET's development was essentially cancelled. Although Microsoft made sure the program ran on Windows 10, the company said that EMET was superfluous on its latest operating system. Some protections formerly provided by EMET had been built into the core operating system itself, and Windows 10 offered additional protections far beyond the scope of what EMET could do.

But as more mitigation capabilities have been put into Windows, the need for a system for managing and controlling them has not gone away. Some of the mitigations introduce application compatibility issues—a few even require applications to be deliberately written with the mitigation in mind—which means that Windows does not simply turn on every mitigation for every application. It's here that Exploit Guard comes in.

Exploit Guard will be able to control the operating system-wide mitigation capabilities, as well as more individual, tailored protections. For example, with Exploit Guard, certain kinds of macros in Office documents can be blocked, and access to websites known to host lots of malware can be prevented.
Microsoft aims to simplify Windows 10 PC set-up with Windows AutoPilot
The Windows AutoPilot Deployment Program is for OEMs, distributors, and resellers. It will allow them to provide users with "business-ready" devices by linking Windows 10 PCs to an organization, existing Azure Active Directory, and Intune mobile-device management services and preloading it with Office 365 ProPlus apps.

The Surface team will be working with some customers and partners at some point this summer as part of the Windows AutoPilot Deployment Program, officials said. The program will be broadly available to customers later this year. Microsoft also is working to allow the Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Partner Center to provide Windows AutoPilot support, allowing businesses and partners to enroll devices themselves.
Bet that the annoying popup ads stay...

Microsoft Announces "Controlled Folder Access" to Fend Off Crypto-Ransomware
Once turned on (ships disabled), Controlled Folder Access will watch over files stored inside a list of folders.

If an app makes modifications to files, Windows Defender will verify the app against a list of whitelisted applications allowed to edit those documents.

If the app is not on the list, Windows Defender blocks its execution, adds the app to a blacklist, and informs the user via a desktop notification.

Controlled Folder Access has two customizable settings. The first allows users to add custom folders that Windows Defender should watch, such as folders with family photos, work data, and others.

By default, Controlled Folder Access will watch all files found in default Windows library folders such as Documents, Pictures, Movies, and Desktop. While users can add and remove their personal folders, these default folders are hardcoded in the feature and cannot be removed.

Controlled Folder Access will ship to all Windows users in October-November, when Microsoft plans to release it for all users as part of the operating system's major update package, codenamed Redstone 3, or the Fall Creators Update.

Users will be able to find this feature in the Windows Defender Security Center, under the "Virus & Threat Protection" option (second icon on the left).

Re: So you want to install Windows 10 on an XP?

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:19 am
by burger2227
How to play DVDs in Windows 10 for free
Users upgrading to Windows 10 from any Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine with Windows Media Center should see a new app called Windows DVD Player. If not, you should be able to download it for free from the Windows Store.

A word of warning: I got Windows DVD Player for free after upgrading from Windows 8.1 with Windows Media Center. Once I did a clean install of Windows 10 after upgrading, however, I lost the right to download Windows DVD Player for free.

If not, a better alternative to Microsoft’s Windows 10 DVD Player is to turn to the free and always reliable VLC video player. Make sure you download the desktop app and not the Windows Store version, which doesn’t support DVDs or Blu-ray.
I STILL have Windows Media Player on BOTH my XP to W10(1511) laptop and my W7 to W10(1703) desktop!

Windows 10: Everything you need to know

OneDrive has stopped working on non-NTFS drives
OneDrive users around the world have been upset to discover that with its latest update, Microsoft's cloud file syncing and storage system no longer works with anything other than disks formatted with the NTFS file system. Both older file systems, such as FAT32 and exFAT, and newer ones, such as ReFS, will now provoke an error message when OneDrive starts up.

To continue to use the software, files will have to be stored on an NTFS volume. While FAT disks can be converted, ReFS volumes must be reformatted and wiped. This has left various OneDrive users unhappy. While NTFS is the default file system in Windows, people using SD cards to extend the storage on small laptops and tablets will typically use exFAT. Similarly, people using Storage Spaces to manage large, redundant storage volumes will often use ReFS. The new policy doesn't change anything for most Windows users, but those at the margins will feel hard done by.