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Power saver surge suppressor turns stuff on or off with device

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:12 am
by burger2227
Ran into a great idea for a power outlet, one that is controlled by your TV remote. It senses when any TV or Master device is turned off:
When switch is set to Auto, the TV power cord's (only cord connected above) status controls the 5 Power Save outlets below it.
The TV itself is never powered off either or you could never turn it back on... :roll:
The Master power control can have anything plugged into it and it will control the 5 others!

This allows it to control other device power such as DVD's, VCR's, sound bars and antenna boosters.
Above the HD antenna booster, sound bar, Roku and DVD are on only when the TV is on.

Previously I had to disconnect and reconnect the stuff when I was not using the bedroom TV for long periods.
Only complaint I have is that the five outlets are too close together for some power supplies I've had to use.
Note how the end Roku one sticks out so far it blocks one of the five outlets for no good reason I can see!

There is also 2 Always On outlets for cable STB's (Set Top Boxes) that would have to reboot every time they are turned off.

PLUS it is a Surge Suppressor too! Sells for around $30 on sale.