Can you Protect BSaved Graphic Files via LIB or LINKING?

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Can you Protect BSaved Graphic Files via LIB or LINKING?

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Hi Guys,

I have been seriously studying QBasic/QuickBasic for more than a year now, I am in the process of writing some programs and I wondered how other folks are protecting\hiding BSAVED graphic files which go along with the program that will be distributed.

In particular, can you 'link' or otherwise hide these files into the main program or compile them into a group or something?? (Rather than just supplying them along with the main EXE file and wrapping it all up in a ZIP.)

While I understand basically what BC and LINK does with a single source *.BAS file, I am pretty fuzzing when it comes to using and making libraries or incorporating multi-modules, etc. I am trying to learn more with the books, but the subject is not very well covered in some of the ones I have...

Any help on any of the above very kindly appreciated.


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