Somes French QB45 programs

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Somes French QB45 programs

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Somes Frenchs programs in my posts MicZ
or to this link:
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    A_lheure * this program diplay a little analogic clock over an background pcx picture
    AquariumEnTXT * this program is an experience to display some fisch in ASCII
    BanditMancho * I'm found this program in an old 5 1/4 floppy disk
    BIN2DEC * translate Binaire to decimal
    CONVERT * conversion of some number in Decimal - hexadecimal - binary numerical bases
    FETE-MCGA * Merry Chrismas
    RESIST-AID * electronic calculation for resistor plan
    Volumes3D * very simple program to create 3D object by revolution of lines arrangement
    SpriteEnBMP * How to animate sprite with get and put
    CALC-SER * mathematical progression of resistor
    And some more :)
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