Microsoft Censors Campaign To Open Source VB6

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Microsoft Censors Campaign To Open Source VB6

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Visual Basic Reaches 25th Birthday - Microsoft Censors Campaign To Open Source VB6
Microsoft takes down request to open source

Update: May 23

Microsoft has merged the request on User Voice with one of the earlier "open source VB" requests. This essentially censors the user's voice without to seeming to be censorship. You can't vote for a declined request, and all votes are returned without being counted or recorded. You can not longer see the original request but Microsoft can simply claim "we merged it with a similar request".

The original text read:
Microsoft has been asked a number of times to open source VB6. This has been repeatedly rejected without any real reason being given.
However to remove a language from its community without an exceptional reason is an act of vandalism. The new Microsoft claims to back open source, why not in this case?
There is no need for Microsoft to do any more work on the code base - simply open source it and allow the community to keep it alive.
Even if you don't think that VB6 is a language you would ever want to use you should back this proposal simply to allow others the freedom to do so.

It is clear that Microsoft doesn't want to listen and still cannot be trusted with the future of a language.
We still have no reason for Microsoft's refusal to open source VB6.
M$ did the same thing with Quick Basic! M$ Patents last forever!
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