"Enter" section from 3-2-1 Contact

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"Enter" section from 3-2-1 Contact

Post by Pete »

There are 111 scans of "Basic Training" articles from 3-2-1 Contact magazine available at the following link, courtesy of Michael Birken. I'll be adding this to the QB Zines section eventually. (WARNING: huge file):


Here's some info from Mike about the mag:
Mike Birken wrote: Pete,

The "Enter section" in 3-2-1 Contact magazine evolved from Enter magazine.
If you never heard of it, check out this link:

Over time, the Enter section got smaller and smaller and soon only "Basic
Training" remained. And then that disappeared completely. There were some
really cool programs in there some times. I couldn't find the issue, but
there was once a variation of Lunar Lander. The game required you to get a
flying saucer through a jagged cave by only tapping on the space bar. Each
tap initiated your rocket booster to momentarily fight gravity.

You should make a call out for more scans. It would rock if we could locate
all the issues of Enter magazine itself.

- Mike
Just thought you guys would be interested!
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