Anyone want to use networking in Qbasic?

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Anyone want to use networking in Qbasic?

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This guy has some pretty good software you can use to interface with DOS TCP/IP and Quick Basic. All that's needed to be loaded is the network packet drivers and Trumpet TCP ntcpdrv.exe then this web server is a beauty to serve single-pages. Heck, if you know enough programming, you can tweak it to the point where it can run DOS exe files when a user requests a page.

I will have to say... of everything I've tried for my project that involves communicating to another device via serial port, using a DOS server is best, especially one I can edit the code of! Why? because then the serial port has full priority with no other processes interfering. No Windows, No Linux, nothing. Just pure single-tasked DOS.

Funny thing is, the PC I'm doing this on is an IBM think-center with an intel RJ45 network card and the speed... 3Ghz. LOL.

If anyone wants to tailor the webserver to their needs, then go to:

He also has done other Qbasic related networking software including writing a bunch of networking subroutines for your own Qbasic programs. Link is here:
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