NE File Utility - File Manager Like Utility Application

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NE File Utility - File Manager Like Utility Application

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NE File Utility is a file management utility I wrote in QB 4.5 that is similar to File Manager found in Windows 3.x or DOS Shell found in DOS 5.0. The application allows you to copy/move/create/modify/rename/etc your directories and files. It also gives you a visual way to navigate your hard drive instead of accessing items directly through the command line.

This application came about largely because I've never really tried to make an application like this using QuickBasic and I figured it would be a fun little project to work on. Hopefully someone else can also find it useful.

Command Line Parameters:

Code: Select all

FILEUTIL [/?] [/RESET] [/XT=ON|/XT=OFF] [drive:\][path]

  /?          Displays this help screen.
  /RESET      Deletes all current temp files and configurations and 
              replaces them with their default values.
  /XT=ON      Turns on PC/XT keyboard compatibility mode for legacy devices.
  /XT=OFF     Turns off PC/XT keyboard compatibility mode for legacy devices.
  drive:\     Starts application directory view on that drive. (Default C:\)
  path        Sets the path on the directory to open (optional)
Example: FILEUTIL C:\DOS will start the application viewing the DOS directory.

Know Issues:
  • Error handler not enabled in compiled EXE form of application. This is due to a compilation error that will need to be resolved at a later date.
  • Copying/Moving to a location with insufficient space does not produce an error message.
  • When in doubt, use /RESET command line argument to get back to working order. It may error out before completing but the application should work afterwards. (Reset is done based on order of importance in the files reset, if it fails after 1 or 2, it most likely will not matter).

Here are some images from a previous release, but current release looks more or less the same:


File attached to post below to download. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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