An ultra-mini web server in Qbasic

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An ultra-mini web server in Qbasic

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Ok, so I finally figured out a way to get a little web server running in Qbasic without relying on "CALL interrupt" or "CALL interruptx". See attached ZIP

I ended up making my own assembly routines. some function calls might not work yet as it is a work in progress but the main objective here is to serve pages as fast as possible to prevent a DOS attack from shutting down the server which I managed to do with dosbox a few times.

To get this to work fully you can use Qbasic 1.1 or QuickBasic 4.0 or 4.5 with /l switch
AND you need to have trumpet NTCPDRV.EXE loaded and when you do, you'll see your IP address listed from it.

The good news is it can all be done in DOSBOX and there's documentation over there on how to run a network in DOSBOX. Just a few lines need to be modified in DOSBOX config file and in DOSBOX, the packet driver ETHERSL needs to be loaded because what DOS will see is ethernet over a virtual serial port defined by DOSBOX. so I ended up with 2 interrupts in use by DOS. one for the packet driver, and one for NTCPDRV.
Source code to web server
(3.7 KiB) Downloaded 2913 times
This will help bring network functionality into DOS: ... linux_host

And this is one place to get ntcpdrv.exe, from someone who invented another webserver for DOS.
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