This isn't a QB project...

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This isn't a QB project...

Post by Dr_D »

It's a FreeBASIc project, but I didn't think it would matter if I posted a thread here.

It's a test program really, but alot of this code will be used in our kart racing game. The camera movement in this needs to be done a different way, for sure. Anyway, it's just a single room with a bunch of objects in it that you can push around & stuff. It's pretty damn messy, but it works! If anyone was curious about using Newton for more than just watching cubes bounce around, this could probably help. It also shows the limitations of basic shadow mapping, without using a support shader.

W,A,S,D = move
Left mouse button = object interaction

Here's a screen-shot, and the download. ;)

Also, there are some things that I probably shouldn't have done, such as sneak the operator overloading in there, but it was just too cool to resist! You need a cvs copy of fbc to compile it, and you'll have to build a new header for Newton, by getting the sdk, and running the C header through swig.
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