Duel/Mini-Blaster Compilation Release

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Duel/Mini-Blaster Compilation Release

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This is a project I was working on back in my late QuickBASIC (QB) days. This compilation can be viewed a few different ways. Originally, this was a singular game idea, but after creating the core code, I took it in a few different directions. From these code tests I formed two seperate game ideas, the first being a single player mission based game (Mini Blaster) and the second, an online multi-player free-for-all shooter (Duel). Duel was also reconceived as a single player squad based RTS and this duality is quite visible within the program. Although I wasn't able to complete these games in QB, I really enjoyed creating and playing them, and am developing improved FreeBASIC (FB) versions. Hopefully you find this fun and inspiring. Enjoy!


Be sure to view the "readme.txt" for playing instructions.

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