Ascii Game Maker 1.0

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Ascii Game Maker 1.0

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Playing computer games is fun. But it is actually more fun to design your own computer games and let other people play them. Unfortunately, creating computer games is not easy. Commercial computer games you buy nowadays typically take one to three years of development with teams of anywhere between 10 and 50 people. Budgets easily reach millions of dollars. And all these people are highly experienced: programmers, art designers, sound technicians, etc.
So does this mean that it is impossible to create your own computer games? Fortunately no. Of course you should not expect to create your own ANSI DUDE within a few weeks. But that is also not necessary. Simpler games, like Space Invaders, etc. are also fun to play and a lot easier to create. Unfortunately they still require good programming skills to handle the graphics, sounds, user interaction, etc.

But here comes Ascii Game Maker which was written to make it a lot easier to create such games. There is no need to program. An intuitive and easy to use key drag-and-drop interface allows you to create your own games very quickly. You can import and create images, sprites (animated images) and sounds and use them. You can easily define the objects in your game and indicate their behavior, and you can define appealing rooms with scrolling backgrounds in which the game takes place. And if you want full control there is actually an easy-to-use programming language built into Ascii Game Maker that gives you full control over what is happening in your game.

Ascii Game Maker focuses on two-dimensional games. So it is not meant to create 3D worlds like Quake, even though there is some limited functionality for 3D graphics. But don?t let this put you down. Many great games, like Road Racer II uses two-dimensional sprite technology, even though they look very 3-dimensional. And designing two-dimensional games is a lot easier and faster.

Ascii Game Maker has both a free and a registered version. The free version can obviously be used free of charge. And you can freely distribute the games you create with it, you can even sell them if you like. See the enclosed license agreement for more details. You are strongly encouraged to register your copy of Ascii Game Maker for $3.00. It will unlock a number of additional features in Game Maker and it will remove the logo when running games. This will also support the further development of Ascii Game Maker.

This document will tell you all you need to know about Ascii Game Maker and how you can create your own games with it. Please realize that, even with a program like Ascii Game Maker, designing computer games is not completely effortless. There are too many aspects that are important: game play, graphics, sounds, user interaction, etc. Start with easy examples and you will realize that creating games is great fun. Also check the Ascii Game Maker Community:

for lots of examples, tutorials, ideas, and links to other site and forums. And soon you will become a master game maker yourself.

Ascii Game Maker 1.0 - Coming Soon...

If you would like to be involved with the creation of Ascii game maker 1.0, email us here:

If you help create this program, you will get the full version free and become a moderator at the Ascii Game Maker Community!

Thanks for your time and have a good day :)
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