Textzapp v2.1 - Make textadventure games without programming

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Textzapp v2.1 - Make textadventure games without programming

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Hello all,

Textzapp is a Program that allows you to make multiple text adventure games without needing to spend countless hours learning how to program(although, it's not bad to learn how to program)
If you have noticed versions 1.0, 1.4, and 1.6 are kinda hard to use cause you can't just edit something, you have to overwrite, on rooms and other stuff. Version 2.1 allows you to do everything you couldn't do in the older versions!

There is almost no limit to the size of your game(you can make up to 99999999 rooms)

Textzapp is EASY, FAST, and FUN!!
Click here to download version 2.1!
or visit
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