Create Animated GIFs from static images -- help

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Create Animated GIFs from static images -- help

Post by Kiyotewolf »

Anyone know how to create animated GIF's?

I know there is a decoder by Antoni Gaul?

I'm sure if I fiddled with the decoder and did enough binary dumps of GIF89 type files I could crack the scheme, but that will take some doing.

Has anyone stumbled across or made the code to make them already?

You could make a killer sprite editor if you could cut through the crap and just export Ani-GIF's.

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Post by iamdenteddisk »

closest I have seen is Bsave animations, I have gif,bmp&pcx viewers but the only "Animated" shots I have seen was Mallards in his tutorials and he describes ways of converting back and forth from diff formats but all have bsave as the middle man.

his anim tutorial has a flying cartoon duck and is prety good but it is converted bmp to bsave and the bsave is loaded as static for the animation..

good luck with it I ask this same question a few months ago and it just died like cold duck..
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Post by burger2227 »

Yeah, get an animator for GIF files. I dunno if FB has any premade programs. I have a program that can make BMP files of the GIF animations pictures, but not the other way around.

There are some Windows Animators around.

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microsoft GIF animator

Post by qbasicfreak »

I use Microsoft GIF animator.
It's pretty basic but it get's the job done.

you can get it here
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