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BLOAD Problem

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I have a very nice BMP of stars saved in 1024x768. When I load it and run it it comes up covering 99% of the Full screen. Underneath my bitmap is a form like that in visual basic.. I can't find any commands that would be responsible for this. How do I know whats benath. Because It is a Blue
line about a 1/4 " wide accross the top of the sreen with 1/2 the tile listed as Splash which is the title of the file use to display the image, Splash.bas.
I think i need some other info like BLOADS flags but i don't know which one. I need this to make a Splash screen for my check register program I am porting from Dos to Widows. Can anyone help me get rid of that ubiguitous blue line of death?
Would a Genuis ask these kinds of stupid Questions?
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