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Rescue The Colors - FBGD game dev competition, final results

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:25 pm
by Lachie Dazdarian
Allow me to share the final results of FreeBASIC Games Directory annual game making competition. This year's theme was Rescue The Colors. The goal was to create a game that started in a mock (pseudo) 1 bpp mode, with only black and white color used (no grey shades!). As the game progressed, new colors supposed to be unlocked/introduced, to a minimum of any 8 colors, up to 32-bit color mode.

The official entries and final scores:

Invasion of the Mononites! by ssjx: 54/91 (4th place)
RACESII by FXG861: 60/91 (3rd place)
Color Eater 3D by gothon: 64/91 (2nd place) - 50 $ prize
Y.A.G.A.C by Landeel: 69/91 (1st place) - 250 $ prize

Winner, Y.A.G.A.C.:


For more details on entries and screenshots go here: