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Desktop shortcut

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I use dosbox to play and creaye Qbasic games. I have a shortcut on my desktop that opens the dosbox program. When started, a dialog box appears welcoming me to MS-DOS. I click ESC which clears this box. I then click on the file tab, select open, then select my game which has the extention bas. The game then loads, and I push F5 to run this game. I use to have a laptop on which I had created a shortcut to every game that I had made on my desktop. When I clicked on one of these shortcuts, it would open the dosbox program, open and run the specific game that I wanted. That computer went bad. I have a new one but I have forgot the command that I typed inside the target box of the shortcut in order to recreate a shortcut for each of my games. I still have the shortcut to dosbox, but not the individual game. Can anyone tell me how to word the command in order to do this. Below is the command that opens the dosbox program:

"C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -fullscreen -c "mount c c:\basic" -c "c:" -c "qbasic.exe" -c exit -noconsole -userconf

There was something else that I added to the above command that would allow me to create a shortcut to any game that I wanted, but this is what I have forgot. All my games are stored on my C drive in a folder labeled basic

Hope that someone out there will be able to help
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