make antivirus in qb and batch

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make antivirus in qb and batch

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hi I am wanting to learn how to get a hexdump of file names in qb, working with the hex data info too, I came across a roll your own antivirus in batch video on youtube, it works pretty good and all but uses text file names, i would like to use a hexdump of the file to compare. i also have developed a bunch more on the philosophy of making antivirus with online research but am now seeking info on how to do it in quickbasic 4.5. and maybe also in batch.

i really needed a good project to get back into using qb again, this is my attempt at that, any help would be appreciated and I am willing to share the finished code for the help!


ok so I have seen what the youtube community offers for making AV in batch, I do understand what they are doing offers a way to protect from "text virus" which from my research can be defined as an un-parse-able string. which i surmised from looking at the offered Eicar AV test file.

I think that is brilliant, but to that i would like to also do hex dump or binary dump file $$$ of known virus to identify any on a machine. with the virus definitions, i had planned to host those on my dropbox account that i would up date periodically..

now to that I want to add a method of code profiling as well as file profiling I devised, both are a simple method of data mining of a programs content and attributes.

I have just a few questions on passing arg's to and from batch/basic then i also want to get interrupts working on my system also..

any help or new ideas for this project to share would be great?
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