Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament

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Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament

Post by TopGun »

Hey guys! I haven't been on this website in years!! I came across your "Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament" & noticed I was in the nominations (TopGun Software)? Very cool!How old is this? Who won? Anyways I'm still making Qbasic games to this day, although now I'm using QB64. If you would like to see my latest game it's free to download:
Game trailer:

I go by CrazyQbee software now, Hope you guys enjoy my new game! Cheers!

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Re: Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament

Post by Erik »

Hey TopGun!

Glad to hear you're still around making games after all these years as well.

I'm not sure you remember me from wayyyyyyyy back in the day. I'm from Nukem Enterprises (Used to go by a whole slew of names back then, Nukem, Nuke, NukemNOW, etc). We still have our disc app board from back then still running. I haven't heard from JMB in years but Retna from Blurred Visions still pops in to say hello. Puckdropper is also still around.

Edit: Just curious, did you ever finish Space Commando 3D?
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