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Author: TMB ProductionsGenre: Side ScrollerReviewer: BattleCraft99
Size: ~1.0 MBDownload:atw10w.exe

Around the World

First Impression Cute Cartoon-type graphics, great menus, neat effects... Pretty darn cool looking overall.
What It's Like You're some wolf dude traveling the world looking for stuff. There was an intro but I didn't pay much attention to it 'cause I really didn't mean to click on it..I thought it was the exit option button 8)
Other things you should know: I heard someone of TMB telling about the game and he really seemed to be bragging about the graphics and how they used 8 frames for the walking movement alone but I'm not too impressed. The graphics are cute and I suppose fitting for this type of game but they're nothing fancy and the guy looks like a schmuck when he's walking.

Around the World Screenshot

The rating

Graphics Like I said, they're cute and somewhat fitting but nothing special. The shading was a nice touch but it was nothing fancy just your normal straight lined stuff a shade or 2 darker then the normal. One thing I really did like though was when you hold the down arrow and he like flattens himself so extra point for that.
Sound My sound don't work so don't know...
Flexibility/Features You can change the control settings which is nice but that seemed to mess up when I did it too much and that's it. You have to use esc to back out of things which got annoying 'cause I'm used to having the last option in a menu being exit and would frequently do that in order to leave the options menu without looking and then I got pulled into watching the intro which is nice but c'mon, it's only fun the first time 8) Plus while in the game if you hit esc it just ends, no confirmation message so if you accidently hit it that's the end of it, folks. No way to go back to the main menu screen once you start. I'm sure between all the people in TMB they couldn't thought up some more options like oh I dunno let me spend 5secs here and think of some:
1)sound on/off
2)amount of men
3)amount of life
4)amount of continues (could also add them into the game)
so from my point of view this is worth bout a... **
Gameplay Controls work generally pretty well, though I hate using esc to cancel out of everything without also havin the exit option yadda yadda I said it up there ^ Ummm...everytime I jumped in the game he'd also use his weapons if he could at the time which got to be annoying because you can only have one flying projectile in the screen at once and then after it left you had to wait a little while so sometimes I'd need to fire and have nothing to shoot 8( Also, when I fell down a pit I held in the jump button and he'd jump off the screen. Kinda corny, eh?
Overall Impression The game was very well made and certainly nothing I could do, but then again I'm just one man and only been at it for 3 months now. Had alot of complaints and I think they should've taken some surveys as to what the people (like me) wanted to be in the game. Also, one of the graphics in the third level was really messed up and the game was just dull. The change of weapons was a nice effect but holding in the button to power some up so they didn't hit your feet was just plain annoying, especially when they'd fire without you telling them to do so. And every level was generally the same thing over and over and over again. Just another "little kiddy" game like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. But because they did seem to put alot of work into it I won't be too harsh and I find this score to be quite generous on my part.
10/20 * 5 =


Around the World Screenshot