Intro to Cyberion

Author: Lutasarts
Genre: Space Game
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 104 KB

First Impression I downloaded it from the link on Pete's QBoard, and first, I thought I was doomed from playing it, because the sound wouldn't work right, and freeze me, so for once, I read the readme.txt file. Since the sound is turned off with F4, I go back to playing the game. This is a cool game. Auurrgghh! I wish I knew why the controls of the space ship keep turning when I'm not even touching a key. I got used to the movement, and it's not so much as it being difficult to control, but more like impossible to control the ship. I did, however got to land on a planet, but I never got to land on a Cyberion Landing. Ok, I give up, this game is difficult. :P
What It's Like Well, this is a good strong point. It has a mixture of Asteroids, and Lander, but that's all I've encountered with playing this game. The game has non-scrolling backgrounds, and you move map to map, or screen to screen. You also have to avoid asteroids and find stocks, but I've had the worst luck playing this game.
Other things you should know The sound may not work properly on your computer, but give it a try. I don't know what it is, but if someone can tell me what or why the space ship keeps turning around sometimes, and sometimes, ONLY rotating, when I hold left or right down. What's extrememly irritating is the ship still keeps moving in circles, when I'm even away from the keyboard. :P Through out this game, I had to "circle maneuver" through obstacles.

Part of moving around in space.

The rating
Graphics The game graphics are mediocre, and can be optimized, but I believe this game, is using <= 16 colors. I'm not a really big fan of games using colors under 16 colors, but there are games, like Monospace that know how to get away with it. :)
Sound There is sound, but I can't judge it, since sound is the biggest problem with QB games. I'm sure it will work on other computers, but not on mine, unfortunately. :(
Flexibility/Features Features are nice, like how a game is mixed with other old classic games. As for flexibility, it's really hard to say. :P
Gameplay/Control This is the worst part about Cyberion. It would be nice if I knew what I was supposed to do from keeping the ship rotating forever.
Overall Impression Honestly, I was really mostly irritated with the ship having a mind of its own. I really should be fair for Cyberion, but it's not that I want to give it a low score, it's just there was nothing in the readme.txt file explaining why the ship sometimes rotates on its own. :(
11/20 * 5 =

Another part of Cyberion.