DarPong Review

DarPong Screenshot

Author: Darokin
Genre: Pong/Break Out Hybrid
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 2 KB
Download: darpong.zip

First Impression Hey, cool! This program is tiny and fun at the same time! It has simple, easy to modify code and is...get this...fun!
What It's Like This is a game of super breakout without the blocks that you break. Instead, you get points for sucessfully saving your ball. It has four dificulty levels, and is cool!
Other things you should know Darpong is a simple, small, fun to play game! It's code is understandable and easy to modify. You can edit this so that you have lots of other features in seconds, and newbies can learn from it!

The rating
Graphics Simple screen 13 ascii and line/circle/pset graphics! Simple, but effective! The ascii name at the top looks cool, although ascii!
Sound Tick...Tick... It goes 'tick' when it hits a wall or your paddle. That's not very good, but it works and it's not annoying.
Flexibility/Features Hey, this is so simple and so easy to edit that you can make any changes you want! It comes with four difficulty levles, and is pretty cool! Flexibility is a five, features is a 4, put them together, you get 4.5 which rounds to 5!
Gameplay/Control Very simple and very easy. All you will need are the arrow keys and the space bar. Up down and space are only for menu use only, and left and right move your paddle thing. It works fine!
Overall Impression I really think this game is cool even though it's unbelievably simple! Edit it to make it more fun, or play it as is!
19/25 * 4 =