Drug3D Review

Drug3D Screenshot

Author: Cannibal Gopher Inc.
Genre: Flight Simulator
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 34 KB
Download: drug3d.zip

First Impression Crappy wireframe graphics, no sound, kind of dumb story...but this game is fun!
What It's Like In this game, you're a 3D blue wireframe triangle that jumps on colored boxes to get green boxes. Oooohhh, neato. Actually, this game is fun! Simple commands, and an original concept, plus 3D Wireframe Graphics! This game is pretty cool, although the graphics suck. I've played it for at least an hour in my life - longer than some games I've downloaded. Try it - it's easy, fun and a tiny size, plus it's compiled, so you don't have to dig out QBASIC to run it.
Other things you should know This game has a little bit of flicker (you have to look for it to notice it), has a lot of spelling errors (all Cannibal Gopher games have spelling errors - they're not the best spellers in the world), and is not completely finished, but is close to it. It only has one level which lasts forever (you keep cycling through it until you die), the opening scene isn't incorporated but is on th menu, and the top scores list isn't there, but is on the menu.

The rating
Graphics Junky graphics for a QBASIC game. If you're going to make a 3D game, why not give us some eye candy? Well, even though the graphics suck, they're three dimensional (realtime). The 3D brings the score up to a...
Sound There is no sound in this game.
Plot/Story This game doesn't need a plot or story, but it has a simple one. You are a space fighter who flies around collecting drugs (green squares), and delivers them to people. Simple, and it works.
Gameplay/Control Very simple, very good. Space makes your space craft 'jump', and the arrows make it steer left or right, or accelerate or decelerate. Very good!
Overall Impression Graphics suck, a little bit of flicker, not everything's implemented - many imperfections, but this game is fun! It's 3D, and you can play it many times. The replay value is great! It's a great game, just is in need of a couple improvements.
15/20 * 5 =