Dynamic Beta

Will be a Dynamic Beta Screenshot when I get one Screenshot

Author: Sasha Vukelic
Genre: Space Shooter
Reviewer: WildCard
Size: 579 KB
Download: dynb.zip

Dynamic Beta
First Impression My first impression was that it was well made. The menu has good quality graphics. There is a well explained instructions screen before you start, which are short and give you the basics. The game is easy to get into. Onto the game...
What It's Like Well it is a shooter, set in space. Where you fly through asteroid fields and stars moving passed as you fly by, designed.
Other things you should know In the start up the game said that there was a problem resetting my soundblaster but the sound played when I turned it on in the menu. Also there was a little bit of flicker but that that was minimal, most noticed in the last level, with the planet. A faster processor would eliminate that.

Will be a Dynamic Beta Screenshot when I get one

The rating
Graphics The graphics are professionaly done. Well drawn and well animated sprites fit the game nicely. The explosions are superb. Also there are good particles effects with you secondary fire.
Sound There are good sound effects. Hopefully there will be background music in the next beta or maybe full version.
Flexibility/Features There aren't many features in the game as this is still a beta. There is one very great feature, the wing man. He flies with you attacking the enemies along side of you. It did a good job and was a nice surprise.
Gameplay/Control Brilliant control. Using the mouse you can control your space ship very well. This is important when you need to dodge the asteroids and spaceships.
Overall Impression This is a very promising game that would be a very good one to play. This looks like commercial quality, graphics and sound. The wing man was a nice feature. There is no story yet but there are 4 missions with 4 waves in each.
23/25 * 4 =

Will be a Dynamic Beta Screenshot when I get one