The first part of Monospace

Author: Milo Sedlacek
Genre: Space Shooter
Reviewer: Dunric
Size: 29.4 KB

First Impression Take R-Type, make the graphics like 3-D Asteroids, and you've got Monospace! Actually, Monospace is very hard to describe in just one sentence. It has SO many things going for it, and it's done in QBasic (with some Assembly, of course!)
What It's Like In Monospace, you move a ship around at lightning speed, shooting hordes of creatively drawn enemy ships, while collecting power ups and special weapons. Very cool! And, there's even an end boss that's the first of it's kind in a QBasic shooter!
Other things you should know This game is smooth, runs fast on my machine, but has so many features that to chronicle it here would be impossible.

Shot of Monospace!

The rating
Graphics Wire-frame, single color graphics (hence the title, MONOspace) But what it lacks in color, it makes up for the smooth animation of each ship! Wow!
Sound The sound is very cool, especially when you put headphones on. It has a zen like quality to it that sort of reminds one of Xevious!
Plot/Story I didn't notice any kind of a plot or storyline, but when it's a shoot 'em up, what sort of plot is needed?
Gameplay/Control Excellent! Use the cursor keys to move, and the control key to fire! Very fast and smooth...
Overall Impression Wow! If you don't download another other space shoot 'em up for the next year, make sure you grab Monospace! It's a small download (29KB), runs very smoothly and has enough features and flexibility to make game play an utter joy!
21/25 * 4 =

The boss enemy on Monospace!