SB Bricks

SB Brick's main menu

Author: Eric Schneider
Genre: Tetris Clone
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 537 KB

SB Bricks
First Impression Yikes, better run setup to turn MIDI off. Now we're in action! Wow! Cool GFX effects and gfx! This game is going to rock. Hmm, it's a lot like Tetris, back to the main menu, cool! I can choose funky pieces or special pieces of bricks to play in the game. Well, I never seen Tetris in QB look this damn good!
What It's Like Let's just say that this would make a really good SNES-quality Tetris game. It's your typical Tetris clone, with a few twists, and plays exactly like a lot of Tetris clones out there. I wish I could listen to the music though. :P
Other things you should know When upzipping, make sure you download it into the sub directories, and if SBBRICKS.BAT doesn't run, click on the subdirectory call DATA, and click on the EXE file there. You should always run SETUP on games, mostly to configure sound, but I couldn't get sound to run, so I had to run it. As I said a few times, it's your typical Tetris clone with a face lift, and extra stuff like funky pieces, and special pieces. It uses QB v4.5, DashX, and QMIDI. SonicBlue also told me, that this comes with source code this time!

 2nd level of SB Brick

The rating
Graphics EXCELLENT! Download it, and see for yourself. You'll be amazed how graphics look with the 256 color limitation of SCREEN 13. I like the 3D rotating block you move around in the main menu, and I like the 3D artwork in this Tetris clone. I also enjoy the gradient colored background images that change, when you advance to the next level.
Sound It has MIDI music, but I couldn't get it to run in the game, so I really can't judge.
Flexibility/Features It has funky pieces, to make the game more challenging. You can start a certain level. You can allows special pieces to make the game go easy on you. It let's you save and load your current as well!
Gameplay/Control I believe it uses INKEY$, but it's good, since Tetris clones need a slow type of movement. It works fine with me, so I give it a four.
Overall Impression It's a great Tetris clone worth downloading, and this is one of the games I play for a while, since I'm not too good at Tetris.
19/20 * 4 =

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