Shell Shock

The title screen shot

Author: Jeremy Hammond
Genre: Vertical Shooter
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 345 KB

Shell Shock
First Impression Cool game! It looks like a complete game, but I don't know, since I've only gotten to about level 3. This game seems so hard, but I will get beat it eventually. ;)
What It's Like It reminds me of Dynamic Beta, and NES Tiger Heli together. Shoot down buildings, and shoot down air crafts are very cool in this game. When I turn up the sound effects, it makes this even more fun.
Other things you should know It's zipped, and ready to be played. If you have trouble running it, it could be a sound card problem. One thing about the game, is you'll have to be very good to get far in this game.

First level in the game

The rating
Graphics These graphics aren't bad at all. It seems dark and gloomy, like in a cloudy weather, but most of the animation has its ups and downs. One thing, was that you could tell a lot of work went into the animation for the plane, and the down part to it, was the enemy planes move straight and diagonal. I like how enemies have a more free movement, like you see on SNES Gradius 3. The graphics will get a four.
Sound When I turned it up, it seemed like an arcade in front of you. The sound effects were actually great to my taste. I wish I had them in my Cyber Chick game. ;) Oh well, the only thing Shell Shock needed, was some music to go nicely with the sound effects. I'll give it a four.
Flexibility/Features Well, you can read the story, help, quit, and this is all done in a console fassion. I don't know if this a demo or a complete game, but I am sure there are features in this game I am missing out.
Gameplay/Control It's perfect, arrow keys to move, ctrl to shoot, and space to execute at the beginning. Another great thing about Shell Shock, is its challenging. If you can get through the first 3 levels, then you're really good at this game. :)
Overall Impression Well, I didn't get to spend too much time playing this, but my overall opinion on this, is I like it. I hope to see more of this game, if its a demo. it's a good game, but I have to say I'm feeling I've missed out a few features in this game/demo.
21/25 * 4 =

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