'Space' Review

'Space' Screenshot

Author: Unknown
Genre: Space Shooter
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 119 KB
Download: space.zip

First Impression Neato! Look at the cool asteroids and star ships shooting at me, and the three layer starfield background. Wow, those explosions rule! Awesome graphics! I'll be playing this game for a while!
What It's Like You're a spaceship fighting other spaceships somewhere in space. Not an original story, but awesome gameplay for a QBASIC game. You fly around shooting at the other ships, attacking you with AI, dodging asteroids and constant enemy fire! The graphics rule, especially the explosions!
Other things you should know The source code is included, but the most interesting thing I saw was that all the graphics are saved in three .PCX files. All of the frames of an animation are lined up in order, ready to load! That sub could be useful sometime, everybody!

The rating
Graphics Really, really good! Each has it's own set of animations, there is a three layer starfield, and the explosions are unbelievably realistic! You can't tell in the screenshot, but the graphics are great!
Sound No sound.
Flexibility/Features As far as I can see, there are no extra options or anything, but who really cares? The source is included! There are also features like AI and great graphics.
Gameplay/Control The gameplay in this game reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D. You press forward to move forward, and the other three arrows turn you. You press control to shoot, just like in DN3D also. THis is a true-tested, good working system. The movement keys are still used in some Playstation games like Tomb Raider.
Overall Impression Really nice graphics, nice game, pretty fun and stuff, plus a very good program to look at! Neat.
18/20 * 5 =