Super Stack

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Author: Oren Bartal
Genre: Dr. Mario-like Clone
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 233 KB

Super Stack
First Impression Wow, nice theme to the game! Nice rotating image of the title! Hmm, let's see if the game itself is fun. I'll select "easy" WHOA! THIS GAME ROCKS! This game looks SO professional! This game is getting addicting! GOD! I can't get through the first level of "Crazy"! This game has some true strategy to it! As Jorden from QB45.COM said, "WARNING! WARNING! You must get this game immediately!"
What It's Like This game is kinda unique, so I called it a Dr. Mario Like clone! You try to eliminate every block on there, by putting 2 or more adjacent pieces together. As for the stars, you have to have one piece on the opposite side, matching with the objects that aren't stars, to get them eliminated. The fun part about beating the game, is there's more levels to test your stategy planning.
Other things you should know When upzipping, you need to perserve the subdirectories for it, and I experienced some freezing, because of the sounds, so I used -nosound as the switch. It doesn't come with source code, but it's made with QB v4.5, and DirectQB. If you need some help with this, the readme.txt to this, will help you out a lot!

 Choosing level modes

The rating
Graphics The graphics are actually quite nice, but I was even more impressed with the animation that went into them! Animation gives this game, a LOT of credit, and I wish I made a game like this! The graphics are extremely SNES quality.
Sound The sound wont work for me, so I used "SSTACK.EXE -nosound" :(
Flexibility/Features It's excellent! You can choose keys at the beginning, and this thing saves your current level position when running, and exiting this game! I like the fact that I could turn on, and off the sounds, so I can play this!
Gameplay/Control The movement is perfect, I like flipping, rotating pieces, so I can win right away! The strongest part about this game, is the replay value! You'll be coming back to this game, to finish the levels, and you will understand why I'm in such a hype, hehe.
Overall Impression lol I'm so breathless what to say, but I'll put it very simple: "It's perfect!"
20/20 * 5 =

Stage with nice graphics!