Tank Commander v2.0 Review

Tank Commander v2.0 Screenshot

Author: Matthew River Knight
Genre: Arcade Game
Reviewer: Bud the Fish
Size: 15 KB
Download: tank.zip

Tank Commander v2.0
First Impression Not a bad little game. Smooth and slick graphics, but no sound. Oh well. The first time I ran this program, I was pleasantly surprised. The game ran smoothly and the gameplay wasn't confusing.
What It's Like You control one tank, someone else controls the other. You have almost the whole screen to try and blow up the other tank. The screen has a few castles and grass, but your tank can crash right through it.
Other things you should know The first thing that surprised me was the fact that you could crash though anything. At first I thought it was a game glitch, but the author explains otherwise.

The rating
Graphics The graphics are not bad. Very simple and to the point. With just enough detail to make it look good. Everything looks like what they really are.
Sound No Sound.
Flexibility/Features Not much flexibility. You just go around and try to kill the other guy. If there where more then just one weapon, then maybe it would be better. Another annoying feature is when one of the tanks does blow, the game quits right there. No "Try Again", No "Restart", it just quits.
Gameplay/Control The gamplay is good. Easy to control for both players, and it's face paced gameplay keeps you on your toes. The fact that there is no computer AI is probably the only problem. Enemy AI would make it a definite 5 star!
Overall Impression I rather enjoyed the program. It's a fun little game if you have nothing to do. It's not the most original game I've played, but it still is fun. I'll give it 3 stars overall.
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