Arena2 Review

Arena2 Screenshot

Author: Jeffery Stewart
Genre: Text Adventure
Reviewer: BattleCraft99
Size: 3 KB

First Impression Its' a small text adventure, with no parser, and no story. Prepare for the worst.
What It's Like The game play goes something like this: What do you want to do? | [BATTLE,SHOP,CASINO,STATUS,SAVE,LOAD,INN,OR QUIT] | ? | At the question mark, you must type in the full word or phrase of the action you want to do. How fun. Actually, this blows. This basically is a simple menu driven RPG game where you're not supposed to complete any obvious task -- just to make money and buy items. This game is pointless. If there was a story or a goal involved, it would probably get a highers score, but the game lacks even a small bit of one.
Other things you should know The only thing that I found interesting was that this game does not use sub routines. (There are also codes that you can use during the game.) Just take a look at the source. It's more fun than playing the game. :)

The rating
Graphics Oh my god...dare I say it...A QB GAME WITH NO GRAPHICS!
Plot/Story Shucks. If this game actually had something to do other than gain experience and buy items (the boring parst of RPGS), it might be good. I'm giving this a one just because it is an engine that can easily modified to add a story on, and the buildings and game features are good for an RPG. I think that a fighting arena where you can earn money and experience, but without leaving town would be interesting in a finished RPG.
Flexibility/Features You can do what you want, go where you please in this game. Of course, there really isn't much in it. In a normal RPG, these would be some of the things that make up the features (like stores and items and casinos), but a game without good game play, but great features is still a bad game.
Gameplay/Control Ooh, boy. This is annoying. You have to type in THE EXACT WORD OR PHRASE, which by the reaction of the ordered brothers you can tell was a bad choice. People are lazy. They like to get a lot out of a little, which means that they like to be able to make keyboard shortcuts, or press the up arrow to go up instead of typing 'GO UP'. This makes the game tedious and less fun, because you may spell a word wrong, or want to do something that isn't a given choice, and you can't.
Overall Impression OK, I'll be nice, but this game sucks.
9/20 * 5 =