Fight! v2.0 Review

Fight! v2.0 Screenshot

Author: JiM Productions
Genre: Fighter
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 5 KB

Fight! v2.0
First Impression How the hell do I move!?!?!? Better press all the keys... (There is a .DOC file with this, but I didn't load it to see what the kets were.) This thing is flickery and SOOOOO SLOW!!! No real game could operate this slowly and get away with it...
What It's Like Walk around with weird keys and attack with weirder ones. Z and X to move? Come on!
Other things you should know So simple. This comes with a .BAT file, an icon and a readme .DOC file. This kid thinks that this program is the best thing ever even though it kind :( Sorry, JiM Productions, maybe next time.

The rating
Graphics The arenas look kind of cool. (There are six arenas.) You can also pick the color of your character. The problem is that everything is made out of horrible, crappy ASCII graphics! Ughhh...get it away. Since you can personalize it a bit, I'll give them a bonus point, but the graphics deserve a minus score.
Program Very, Very simple. Out of stack space errors all the time. Rigid, one space at a time movement. If this program looked like it had been made in more than three minutes, It might get a better score.
Flexibility/Features You can edit the program, and already built in are options to pick each player's colors and arena. (The arenas are just a whole bunch of colored ASCII signs, stacked on top of each other.)
Code Simple, easy to understand, organized uses subroutines and loops nicely, with GOSUB/RETURN subs. Not horrible, but not good. It's pretty basic code.
Overall Impression It's funny - people write this stuff and think that it's a big accomplishment, but it's really just junk that no one will really play. I can't imagine two 16 year olds sitting around fighting with this junky game. I know I was hard on it, but really, this just downright sucks.
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