Westfront PC Review

Westfront PC Screenshot

Author: Dunric
Genre: Text Adventure
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 208 KB
Download: wfpc.zip

Westfront PC
First Impression Wow, at last a good text adventure! This one reminds of Zork, but all text adventures are pretty much the same...
What It's Like Very nice, descriptive sentences, a few jokes here and there, and a good storyline. This is pretty cool, I guess...
Other things you should know This has all of the old text-adventure elements, plus some modern day RPG elements. It PRINTs some text in different colors and has a huge, very good text file. This is very well documented!

The rating
Graphics It's a text adventure - that means ASCII stuff.
Sound It's a text adventure - no sound.
Flexibility/Features Standard stuff, but there are many cool elements. You have to learn how to fight, there are mini games, places to store things, many buildings and things to investigate. There are also random things that happen, like thieves stealing from you and detectives investigating you. This uses HP and MP, "quests", and hundreds of other new and unique features!
Gameplay/Control Type in words and commands. Simple as that. It can be tedious, though. Some commands are shortened to just letters (north, south, east, west are n, s, e, w) and things like that. There are also special commands for specific rooms which are specified. There is also an online help menu that tells you all of the commands and wuen you can use them.
Overall Impression It's a text adventure - simple to make and they can be fun to play. This one is very unique, it has many features and flexibilities. It has good, descriptive sentences, extra colors added on to the text to make it easier to understand, extra menus and many other little things that make it cool. It's a text adventure, but it's a very good one - maybe even the best QBASIC one that I have seen!
12/15 * 6.6 =