Bomber Zone

Bomber Zone Screenshot

Author: Future Software
Genre: Bomberman Clone
Reviewer: Matt Borkowski
Size: 262 KB

Bomber Zone
First Impression BomberZone, hmm... Must be a bomber man clone. Unlike other bomber man clones, this one has a big playing field.
What It's Like 2-player bomber man clone. Nice levels.
Other things you should know Only two-players. Also, I think this is just a demo, because many things are left out. I will of course review this file like a demo.

The rating
Graphics It's got great, sharp graphics. The little guys look like little bomber guys. It also has a large variety of tiles, giving it many levels. The graphics are as good as you can get for a BomberMan clone. The graphics don't get boring either, so I just have to give this,
Sound On to the sound. It has a great midi background music and .wav (I think) sound effects. Not much else to say, except they are as good as you can get on a bomber man game.
Gameplay Nothing really new. Just a bomber man clone. The gameplay is nicely done. It's got all the power ups you could want! Speed ups, bigger bombs, skulls, shields, and all that other great stuff. The only problem here is the fact that, "You have no idea what the power-ups do!" This nicely solved with an html help file. So other things though, When someone dies, nothing else happens. The other guy is just left there, running around. Also, the time doesn't run out. It appears to, but then just goes into negitive numbers. But, this is sort of ok, since it is a demo. (I think?)
Control It's got pretty nice control. They almost always respond. But, every now and then you might get kind of stuck at a wall for a second. Also, the control for player 2 (or 1?) is set up weird. Other than that, nice!
Overall Impression I enjoyed playing it. Just make sure you have someone else to play with. A nice download!
22.5/25 * 4 =