Cyber Chick Engine Demo Review

Cyber Chick Screenshot

Author: James Robert Osborne
Genre: Platform Game
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 51 KB

Cyber Chick Engine Demo
First Impression The first thing I did when I got this game was take a look at the bitmap file with all of Cyber Chick's frames. There are dozens and dozens of frames for just her! She has about ten frames for just running in one direction. When I ran the engine demo, I was amazed that such smooth movement and speedy animation was accomplished! The control is excellent - Cyber Chick does exactly what I want herr to do when I want her to do it. This engine really is nice!
What It's Like As I said in the first impressions section, this has smooth scrolling and amazing animation. Cyber Chick also has great detail incorporated in her graphics, and the game control rocks. What you do, basically is just run around in the one screen area, where you can jump and run, shoot your gun and climb up a pole on the right side of the room. You can also press enter to see the animation that happens when you get hurt, and if you press it enough, you can fly to the top of the screen. You can also duck by pressing down, and aim up by pressing the up arrow. This really is a great engine, both graphically, speedily and game control - wise.
Other things you should know There really isn't anything else to tell you about the game (that I won't tell you in the following fields). I can tell you that Cyber Chick has another engine that will be incorporated in to this engine (a pixel scrolling engine so that the location can change.) There also will be good music incorporated (probably .MOD), many different guns, about 4 or 5 levels (with a story), and lots of great-looking animated enemies.

Cyber Chick Engine Demo Screenshot

The rating
Graphics The time spent and the detail in these graphics is really great! Cyber Chick has over 50 frames for her alone. Also, the way she moves and animates is very smooth and clean. Her gun is really neat -- it's a spreader gun where the bullets start out close together, and get farther and farther apart as they fly away. (Think Contra.) That's really all I can say with the graphics. I'm sure that in the final version, there will be more equally good graphics!
Sound Not yet, but .MOD music is being composed for the final game.
Flexibility/Features Um... not really... All I can really say is that there are tons of things that you can do with the basic 'move Cyber Chick around engine'. For example, when you jump and move with one of the arrow keys, you curl in to a ball and 'roll'. When you get hurt, you limp body flies away from the source, and looks a lot like the way that early NES games showed a person getting injured. Your gun is a spreader gun. That is really cool! The ducking action, the moving while in mid air, the climbing up the tall 'ladder', every way that you move is really cool. :) But there really isn't much to do in this game yet, because this is a simple engine demo.
Gameplay/Control Excellent control! Nice! Beautiful! I don't really want to tell you about this, because I've told you before. Just read some earlier fields, and you'll get an explanation of this. :)
Overall Impression This is excellent for an engine demo! But of course, I want to be playing the full game. Oh well. I guess you can't have everything your way. :) Everything is good about this (except for the fact that there's really no point to it.) But the fact is that this is a good engine, and will make a great game!
17/20 * 5 =

Cyber Chick Engine Demo Screenshot